Devils Lake Consumes a House

Our trip to Devil’s Lake in early winter 2005 proved disastrous when our vehicle broke down on the highway. However, we did get some great pictures of this house on the outskirts of Devils Lake. The lake has been growing in size due to a cycle of wet weather for the last few decades, which, coupled with Devils Lake’s lack of a natural outlet, has caused surrounding areas to suffer from inundation.

The house has since been consumed by the rising waters and no longer stands.

Devils Lake house

This house was once occupied by the Harmon family, and Gail Biby sent us some comments about growing up here, which we featured in our first book, Ghosts of North Dakota, Vol. 1.

Devils Lake house


Photos by Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © 2017 Sonic Tremor Media

7 thoughts on “Devils Lake Consumes a House

  1. This was the home of Charles and Blanche Harmon. I am their daughter, Gail. This is where I grew up and at the time the lake was below our home down sloping gravel pits and about 1/4 mile away. We spent many delicious hours on those sandy beaches. My mom is still going strong at 92.
    My dad was the manager of the Concrete Sectional Culvert Company which was located just down the hill from this house.


    1. Thanks for sharing that great memory, Gail. Would you mind if I contact you via email to ask you a few more questions?


      1. Please feel free to contact me. I think someone else did already and I think I submitted a paragraph about this for the future book.


    2. Gail,

      We’ve been trying to email you to get an address where we can send a copy of your book. Please check your email and get back to us.


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