Bentley Update

We originally visited Bentley in May of 2007. See the pictures from our previous visit.

In August of 2009, Ghosts of North Dakota visitor Kelsey Rusch visited Bentley and discovered the church steeple has collapsed. She submitted this photo.


3 thoughts on “Bentley Update

  1. It’s sad to see churches like that…around here (Willow City) they either tear them down, or try to sell them, just so they wont rot. Currently the Presbyterian Church here is being torn down 😦


  2. I visited Bentley and explored the church the summer of 2008. The steeple was collapsed then, but not to the extent as depicted here. It looks like another piece has fallen since I went.

    The church is in such condition that the whole thing will have fallen within 10 years. Sad.


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