You’re Never Going to Temple, North Dakota

Temple, North Dakota is the kind of place you drive by on a hot summer afternoon or an overcast morning. The kind of place you pass through on your way to a place called Ray from a place known as Tioga. Temple, however, has a destiny now-defined by those prepositions “by” and “through.” You drive by, you pass through, but you’re never going to Temple, North Dakota, because the town as we knew it is a ghost town.

These photos of Temple were contributed by Nichole Simpson.

In these photos taken by Nichole Simpson the school is being prepped for a move to a new site by a new owner. Not long after, the school was relocated and repurposed as an addition to a home.

Contributor Mark Johnson also sent in a Temple gallery you can see here.

Temple is just a couple miles north of Highway 2, about halfway between Stanley and Williston.

Temple’s church was razed by fire some years ago. With the school and the church gone, Temple is essentially an archaeological ruin. Aside from some occasional oil industry inhabitants, Temple is a North Dakota ghost town.

What do you know about Temple, North Dakota? Please leave a comment.

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Photos by Nichole Simpson.


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12 thoughts on “You’re Never Going to Temple, North Dakota

  1. I have some reletives who used to live north of Temple, Their names were Otto & Anna Olson. He past in 1962 and she past in 1970 I don’t know if family still owns the farm or if anything is left.


  2. My great grandma was born and raised in Temple…I believe jt was her father that donated the land that the church and cemetery are on. I have a friend who was raised there as well and she has been telling me about Temple and some of the buildings and people that lived there.


    1. Did he have a brother named Ole? I knew Ole Holte as the ‘other’ Ole. My grandpa was Ole Foss. Their farmsteads/homesteads were very close to each other.


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