The Abandoned Manitou School

Wylora Christianson submitted the following photo of Manitou School. The town of Manitou was established in 1887 in Mountrail County. It was a small, rural settlement near White Earth, or about 11 miles west of Stanley. Peak population was 43 residents. Today, this school is all that remains, just west of the intersection at lat/long 48.332991,-102.634082 

Manitou, North Dakota

Manitou, North Dakota

Image/Google Earth

Photo by Wylora Christianson. original content copyright © 2017 Sonic Tremor Media


6 thoughts on “The Abandoned Manitou School

  1. My mother and her sisters went to school here . Have pictures of the girls basketball team she played with.
    Oldest sister also went to school here for her first few years, before we moved. to Stanley. Brings back lots of good memories.


    1. Mary do you happen to have a photo of the basketball team you can share? I believe my grandmother played on that team as well. Butterfield name? Thank you.


  2. Thanks for all the cool stuff. I really like North Dakota it reminds me of the Ocean. I spent 41 years commercial fishing mostly being a scallop boat captain out of New Bedford Ma. running 100 foot boats over 100 miles out to sea with a crew of 12 hard men we fished 12 months a year. Years ago I was in Vermont on a little vacation a really nice place to visit . In my journey I went to a craft fair were one artist was taking pieces of old barn boards and engraving pictures in them. The boards were old and weathered so when he cut to fresh wood you could see the image these boards were roughly 12 inches long. I thought you might do the same. Get some boards from these ghost buildings have an artist cut an image of a ghost town and sell them if the boards are the real deal I would be in the market for one. Thanks again for all the cool stuff CAPE COD BILL


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