More Photos of Ambrose

Laura Enerson Castro contributed these photos of Ambrose.  A few of her comments are listed as captions. To see photos from our trip to Ambrose, click here.

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  1. My great-grandmother had a washing machine exactly like the one in the photo. Amazing how our technology changes so fast. Who maintains those properties now? Is someone currently living in any of them? Generally, the houses look to be in really good condition and the yards mowed. I am always surprised by this when photos are posted; I never expect ghost towns or towns with tiny populations to look as good as they often do.

  2. My dad takes care of the Storlie properties now. The Miller house is maintained by my dad, Miller descendents, and Ambrose neighbors.

  3. Thanks for the tour of Ambrose….your dream house is a neat old house. A little TLC and sweat equity, and you could make her shine. I would love to see pics after you get done reviving her. 🙂

  4. Laura, these pictures are wonderful!!! Brings back so many memories of the best years of my life when I was growing up. Clara Anderson lived next door to my Omer & Aunty Stenson & Bonnie & I visited her all the time-she loved to show us pictures of her family.

    • Is it possible to find out who created the http://www.ambrosend dot com website as it is down. It would be good for me to know as my intentions are to contact them and possible finance putting the website back up. There are many good photos and documents there. Thank you

  5. I visited Ambrose in 2006, shortly after its centennial celebration. It was looking as ‘spruced up’ as it had in a while, I was told. Quaint town with a rich history. These photos with lilacs in them remind me how MANY of them I noticed while there. Somebody must have planted oodles of them! How many people still live there?

    • My best guess is birds planted the lilac trees. With out getting too specific, most of the seeds were in a “natural” fertilizer.

  6. There is a cemetery by Ambrose with a head stone, Ole G. Frosaker, This also was my grandfathers name. This Ole emigrated to Walcott, ND in 1882 as a child. His mother was a sister to my Great-Grandfather, Guttorm Olson Frosaker, who is buried at Walcott, Kindred, ND. Ole at Ambrose’s mother married a Golberg. But Ole took the name Frosaker for some reason when he homesteaded around Ambrose. It would be interesting if any history would turn up regarding his living around Ambrose.

  7. Good photo of my Grandma’s house. I think it was built by the same people who built the Miller home. Good bones. Too bad the current owners didn’t continue with their plans to renovate it.
    It had the most amazing woodwork throughout. Clara lived there until she was 98 and then moved to the nursing home in Crosby. She died at age 106.

    • I wonder if Clara Anderson was related to my grandmother. Her name was Alpha Anderson and was born in Ambrose. Her parents were Christian and Anna Anderson.

  8. My mother grew up here she had taken us back to vist pop pop Johnson and get a candy bar miss the good old days. The town looks great!

  9. Clara Anderson was my grandmother – I used to stay with her for a couple of weeks each summer when I was small. It’s kind of sad to see the house as it is today . . .

  10. Back in the early 50’s and into the mid 50’s,we used to visit our Great Uncle Bert and his wife in Ambrose when we would spend summers with our Uncles by Grenora…the Uncles were Hans and Arne Nelson who lived northeast of Grenora…This Uncle Bert’s first wife had been our Grandfather’s sister…Anton Christian Nelson was our grandfather..anyone remember a Bert from Ambrose in the 50’s?

  11. Thanks for the beautiful photos and the history. The people of Ambrose obviously care alot about their town and it shows. I was shown much kindness on my visit to Ambrose and I am very grateful. God bless you.

  12. My great grandparents, Math and Anna Thompson homesteaded south of Ambrose in Twin Butte Township. They went to the Trinity Lutheran Church where they are buried. I had the pleasure of visiting Ambrose and the church where they were buried. I loved this part of the US and I can see why they settled there. Plan on going back soon. Would love to live there.

  13. I attended elementary school in Ambose in the 30’s. I remember the three artesian wells in a town with no plumbing.
    And pit toilets in the basement of the school. We also played on giant strides at recess! They were metal hand swings that would never make it now. My Dad was the doctor. I learned to swim and skate in the artesian pool with an island in it.

  14. I am trying to trace my grandfather who owned a livery stable, saloon, and butcher shop in Ambrose I believe. About 1908-09. is there anyplace that I could search for information of that time period? Thank you for any help.

  15. The name of my grandfather in previous email is Charles Edward (Jack) Hilton.

  16. My grandfather ole ingmar oleson was postmaster in Ambrose in the 20’s. I have photos of my mom, patsy Irene, working there.

  17. Searching for information on Bertha M Storlie 1877-1917 Ambrose, Divide County, North Dakota.

  18. Searching for Andrew 1851-1913 and Marie Knudson 1851-1919 as well as their children: Charles, Albert, Alfred, Jake, John, Clara, Anne and Amelia. Andrew and wife both buried at cemetery in Ambrose.

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