Stady in 1915

Steve Ray contributed the following postcard of Stady. Steve writes:

It was mailed in June 1915 from Clara Leraas, who lived with her family a couple miles east of Stady, to her mother-in-law, Martha Leraas of Barrett, MN.

Stady, North Dakota, 1915

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8 thoughts on “Stady in 1915

  1. Was Stady near Fortuna? I used to live in Fortuna in the 50s and I thought people used to talk about a town called Stady that existed before Fortuna, a few miles east of it. Nothing there in the 50s.


    1. Stady was 13 miles south and 3 miles east of Fortuna, located on the extreme southeast tip of section 31 of T161N-R100W. As a youth living approx. 10 miles southwest of Stady, it was a source of groceries, school supplies, misc small hardware, post office, gas station, dance hall, summer ice cream socials and political speeches. As noted, once they moved HIWAY 85 to the east just 4 miles, the death sentence for Stady had been delivered. But roughly 60 years later, the North Dakota oil boom has a smaller spot of activity starting in the Ambrose area, with the drilling of new wells gradually working its way westward to Fortuna, and to the southwest towards Stady. Who nows, with the severe housing shortage, perhaps we may soon see the trailers of some oil workers parked on the deserted lots of Stady. As of February 2012, a new well was being drilled roughly 15 miles north east of Stady. And on 2/17/12, the initial production was publicly reported of a brand new well roughly 15 miles straight north of Stady – also just 8 miles straight east and one mile north of Fortuna, in section 27 of T163N-R100W, with a very respectable initial production of 717 barrels of oil per day. I haven’t been to Fortuna in recent years – perhaps there are already oil workers living there.


      1. My parents shopped there a bit in the 50s they told me…it is 7 miles from my farm to the SE. There was a bank and Souix Trail School had a checking account there.


  2. The museum. In Hanks ND anothrr ghost town by Stady, has Stady history in it. We are open Sunday from 1:00/5:00pm.through the summer,plus hisrory of other local ghost towns.


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