An Empty Home in Buttzville

Buttzville’s townsite appears to be inhabited by one, perhaps two families now, with this notable empty house on the edge of town, and at least one additional (more modern) abandoned home as well.  It wasn’t clear to me whether I could photograph that one without trespassing, so I focused on this home and the farm just to the west.

This house was photographed some years ago by our friend, musician Stephen Berg.  You can see his photos here.

From the abandoned farm just west of town.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

11 thoughts on “An Empty Home in Buttzville

  1. This is my grandparents propery. They live just south (a 100 yards) of where you were you took these photos. I explored this house many times as a kid. There used to be two grain elevators, tore down in the last 10-15 years and an old school house there (that my grandpa attended), it was tore down quite a few years ago.


  2. Was there any sign of a cemetery for this town? I am looking for a relatives grave and have been told that it may be in Buttzville.


    1. I grew up in Buttzville back in the 50’s and 60’s. No sign of a cemetery, but one had to be there from the early 1900’s , Ransom County Court house might have location


  3. Can anyone give a better description of this location? It’s fun to use Google Earth to check out these places but I need more. It isn’t findable with what is provided.


  4. My Mother was born here along with her brother and 1 other sister. She may have lived in the first house at the top of the page. She’s elderly, but immediately started talking about the furniture in the house was situated. She mentions a restaurant in town that was part of someone’s house and how men would get off of the train and walk to the houses looking for work. Her and her oldest brother ate Christmas dinner at the house in town that was also a restaurant because her mother was delivering on Christmas morning. That would have been back in the mid 1930s.


  5. My father his “6” brothers and one sister were born here. My grandfather ran the store and was the Postmaster.


  6. My first cousin Shirley Lorraine Bohan (1912-1994) was a native of Buttzville, but left with her family to move west early in life.


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