Dakota Thunder and Frontier Village

Frontier Village is a tourist attraction just off Interstate 94 in Jamestown and includes a number of attractions including the “World’s Largest Buffalo” (a concrete bison statue named Dakota Thunder,) Frontier Village (a re-creation of a pioneer town featuring actual historic buildings which have been moved to the site from all over the state,) and the National Buffalo Museum.

The photo doesn’t quite do justice to the scale of Dakota Thunder… a tall person can stand beneath the two front legs of this statue with a couple feet to spare. It’s big, and really a thrill to see in person.

The store on the right is a working souvenir and snack shop with an ATM.

Do you have our hardcover coffee table book Churches of the High Plains?

There is no admission charge to get into Frontier Village or to see Dakota Thunder, and a small fee to the National Buffalo Museum, totally worth the price for the opportunity to see North American Bison in a family-friendly environment.  You can even get a ride in a real stagecoach. Next time you’re driving by on Interstate 94, stop in for a visit!

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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5 thoughts on “Dakota Thunder and Frontier Village

  1. My buddy’s family and I toured this in 2000. : ) I did a rude “doctor’s entreaty” beneath the buffalo: reaching up, I commanded “Turn your head to the left and cough!” The McDonald’s nearby had THE friendliest counter people I ever met! “Hi, how are ya? Was everything OK? Thanks for stopping by!” All tall, all blond, all nice. PS Blog link below references my ND trips…


  2. We stop here everytime we head from Seattle to Mountain, ND. It’s fun to wander around and look at the “old way” of life. There are fewer gift shops and it seems less active. (signs of the economy).
    I hope it won’t disappear anytime soon.


  3. Why doesnt anyone speak of the native american home that the buffalo was built on top of. My husband remembers it being blocked off when he was young and eventually filled in.


  4. Why doesnt some one talk about the alleged size of this animal. If a tall man could stand between its front legs and have a couple of feet clearance from the top of his head, it must of been as big as a dinosaur. Where are some links to any actual photos of this animal??


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