Forgotten Farmstead

This forgotten farmstead is nestled in the hills of the Sheyenne River Valley along the Scenic Byway, south of Valley City, near Kathryn.  If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely take the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful drive.

This abandoned home was fenced and quite distant from the road, with no obvious vehicular access, so this shot from a distance was the best we could get.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media

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14 thoughts on “Forgotten Farmstead

  1. I see all your wonderful pictures and thank you for them! I can’t help but think, who lived there? Were they happy? Why did they leave? What happened? Beautiful but sad at the same time.


    1. I wonder about who they were, where they came from, did they find what they expected? How much family they left behind when they moved here and the types of hardships they faced. We should document some of that for OUR families.


  2. Love your site. I was born and raised in Jamestown and now reside in Indiana. Your posts make me wish for at least a visit again.


  3. Could someone help me out with specific directions? I’d love to check this one out in person. My brother lives in Valley City so I’d like to take an afternoon drive from there some day this fall. Thanks!


  4. That was Earnest Olstad’s house and my father bought it some years ago, since then he sold it to my cousin and it isn’t supposed to be accessible. The farm to the north of it belongs to my father and his cousin, also not abandoned, just vacant.


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