King School

This is the former King School, just a few miles south of Valley City along the Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway.  This building was erected in 1930, but it was preceded by another structure, also known as the King School, which was erected in the 1880’s on a different site.

The plaque on location reads, in part:

When the last students walked out of the King School in 1967, their departure marked the end of an era–the closure of the last operating one room schoolhouse in Barnes County.  Once, over 100 of these tiny institutions dotted the prairie, serving every township in the county.

Today, most of the school buildings are gone, and few people remain who can remember life in a frontier school.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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  1. In 1947/48 my mother taught one year at a one room school house south west of Binford. I think they have moved it into Binford and made a museum
    out of it.

  2. I might be confusing this with another building in that area, but I thought it had been operating as a gift shop/museum. Has it closed, or is it a different building I’m thinking of?

  3. It’s rare to see an old school building like this being maintained… Even the playground equipment is still there. Definitely good to see!

  4. I talked to someone yesterday who graduated from UND in 1967. It’s theoretically possible that he could have attended such a school, but it never occurred to me to ask.

  5. I attended this school for my 6th and 7th grades. My mother was the teacher. We lived in VC and the school board asked that attend there so they would have enough students to keep it open. I have visited it while it was a gift shop and Myrna, who was a student there at the time I was was taking care of the shop for her sister. There have been changes. New swings were added since I was there and an entrance was put on where there were stone steps and a proch. Other changes havae been made also. I have a number of black and white photos taken while I attended there.

    • I would love to see some if the inside photos if anyone has them. My friend’s dad and uncle are supposed to have their names in there and I would love to make a gift of the photos

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