More Photos of Leith

We first visited Leith in May of 2007, and you can see that gallery here (temporarily offline for maintenance).  These photos from the Leith area were in in our archive, not previously published.  Enjoy!

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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12 thoughts on “More Photos of Leith

  1. I’m in Hayden Idaho, where Leith ND was just on the news stating that Leith is being bought up by a white supremacist. Who is trying to make this ghost town a whites only town.


    1. Does Dash not see any hypocrisy in the fact that many of these so-called ‘protesters’ are American Indians who are living on their own racially exclusive reservations that are both recognized and respected by the same media and hostile ruling elites who seem to be exhibiting the most and loudest amount of irrational hysteria over a single 61 year old White guy who is apparently seeking to establish a similar arrangement for his own people?

      If nobody feels ‘threatened’ by American Indians choosing to live apart and on their own exclusive reservations, where they have complete control over and dominion over their little slice of Mother Earth, then why are so many voices having conniption fits over one 61 year old White guy and perhaps the handful of his like minded White friends who might decide to join him?

      Are the American Indians using their reservations to launch tomahawk-toting, weaponized scalping operations against the non-Indians who live in the vicinity of their reservations? Not that I’ve heard of. So, why does Dash and Jason automatically insinuate that a group of White guys who simply wish to live among their own people and who share their common views – would pose some kind of massive threat to the rest of human kind?

      Methinks Jason and Dash are not thinking clearly and are swallowing far too much of the anti-White, White race hatred that flows like raw sewage out of the enemy owned and controlled mainstream media.


      1. Although you do have a little bit of a point, to me, the differences are:

        1) Whites are already a great majority, in that area especially. American Indians are a minority.

        2) Reservations were a federal government idea. This American Indians did not do that to themselves. It was done to them, and the Reservation system continues to go on because of tradition and the fact that it’s legally imbedded into the governmental system, based on when that reservation system/idea was put into place.

        3) The white supremacists who are trying to take over Leith have a known agenda of hate and being against any non-white person, and they have an ongoing history of violence, and using violence as a scare tactic and to try to control others. They are very outwardly racist to the point of committing race-related crimes. That is very different than the connotation of just a middle aged white guy who just wants to live in peace with other white people. That is not his agenda.

        4) Trying to get as many like-minded white supremacists to move into the town as possible to take over the town and its government shows that he has an agenda other than just trying to live peacefully with fellow whites.

        5) At least one black person lives in Leith. With an agenda of taking over a whole town, white supremacists would not abide that, and would do whatever they could to disrupt that person’s life, and would actually not value that person’s life and rights to live peacefully without constant fear of racially-related violence and/or intimidation.

        Simply, it is clear that this white supremacist group has a hate-based agenda and hate-based motives driving their actions to try to usurp this town and impose their white supremacist ideals onto everyone around them. They are proud to fly the swastika symbol. It is a threatening symbol; everybody knows for what it stands. It is reasonable to be concerned about racial hatred and violence when swastikas are proudly displayed. If all he/they wanted to do was live peacefully, he/they would not be acting this way.


  2. May I ask Jason from Hayden Idaho a simple question?

    It has almost become a mandatory requirement in America for every politician in the House and the Senate to go on the official record and be video taped or recorded on audio while acknowledging that the State of Israel has a right to be a ‘Jewish State’. This means they must support Jewish Ethnic Nationalism. Zionism, is in fact, Jewish Ethnic Nationalism. And, to further demonstrate their subservience to that position – they have to fly over to Israel, put a beanie on their heads, and be photographed placing their groveling lips against that nasty, germ, booger and bacteria infested ‘wailing wall’. This has become almost a ritualistic ceremony whereby American politicians have to genuflect at the feet of their masters and show the entire world (who will see those pictures) of how they are kissing their masters feet.

    So, as anyone with half a brain knows – and as anyone who has paid attention to the fact that nearly all the leaders of Europe have been forced to admit that ‘multiculturalism’ is a complete failure – I think it should be increasingly obvious to everyone except the dimmest bulbs among us – that people of all races really do prefer to live around people of their own race and that they feel far more comfortable when they are able to do so. Of course, we can exempt the races of people who are prone towards parasitism from this rule – because, as nature dictates, parasites always need a host to feed off of and so these types of races will always try to move into societies where they can attach themselves to the producers and then feast off of their productivity. Host peoples who aren’t keen on being leeched off of, naturally, have to take measures to combat this tendency and to keep these parasites at bay.

    So, the lesson we can all learn from this discussion and from the example that is being set by the Israelis – is that ethnic nationalism is a good and positive thing, and that all races of humans should have an equal right to control their little piece of territory and to avoid being subjugated to, or exploited by, or forced to live alongside people of other races with whom they share no common bonds, no common language, no common religion, no common history or values or customs or traditions. Or, simply because different races of people might be incompatible and to avoid conflict and hostility and eventually violent consequences (such as history has repeatedly shown always occurs when incompatible people of different races and cultures are competing for the same geographic territory and its resources) – these are all perfectly valid reasons for each racial and ethnic group to wish to live in peace and tranquility among their own kind.

    So, does Jason believe that jews are the only group on this planet who are entitled to have their own piece of territory? Whites, who are only 10 percent of the entire world’s population – are to be denied their right to have a nation or several nations that they can call theirs and that they can pass whatever laws they deem necessary to prevent the rest of the non-white world from flooding into their homelands and displacing them?

    My suspicions tell me that not only does Jason think that White Europeans should not be entitled to be the majority in any historic White European created nation, but Jason feels that Whites should even be denied the right to carve out a tiny little deserted town out in the middle of nowhere and to become the town’s majority population group.

    You know, Jason. If you were to use your favorite search engine and look up the official definition of what constitutes ‘genocide’, as codified into International Law by the 1947/1948 Convention on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide and if you were to peruse Article 4 of that Convention – you will find that private individuals can be charged with the crime of genocide based on precisely what I think you are promoting.


    1. Tucker, why don’t you just say what you mean. In a nutshell, and yes, all your drivel can be placed in a nutshell, you are advocating what Cobb is doing. You are trying to use poor examples to show that Cobb is right in what he is doing. First you try to use Indian reservations, but that failed miserably. Now you are trying to use Israel, which is also misguided, at best. Most people only support Israel cause they are told that they should, otherwise most probably would not. Also, support for them is gradually waning precisely because of Israeli actions.

      The bottom line is that you are probably part of Cobb’s little band want to see this happen and your excuse is that “white’s are becoming minorities”.

      This site’s purpose is historical. Ideological garbage does not belong here.


  3. Right JS It is a historical site and thankfully Mr Tucker can think about the fact that Grant county’s gonna make an example out of cobb for walking arond :lieth on one of his “patrols” with a loaded shotgun and put him away for a minimum of two years……………


  4. my grandfather ran the creamery. Then, my uncles brother ran it. I think that the pink house above was my Grams. Thanks for these pics.


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