Acton School

This is Acton School in Acton Township, Walsh County.  David Schultz sent in these photos with the following comments:

Not sure if you would be interested in these pictures of the Acton School. First classes held 1883 Last term was 1956. My Mom attended this school and my Grand Mother taught at it. School was getting in pretty poor condition so it was torn down this Spring but I thought I better get few pictures  of it before I knew the day was coming when it would be gone.


Visitors over the years wrote their names on the blackboard.  A close examination of the full-size photos sent by David Schultz reveals a few of the following names and inscriptions: Robin Robert – 1981, Kieley kids came from California (with a date that’s illegible), and various other hard to read stuff.


Do you know anything about Acton Township school? Leave us a comment!

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9 thoughts on “Acton School

  1. I hope somebody saved those pieces of blackboard before the place was torn down. They would look good on a play room wall in a house full of children.


    1. Corey has a good point. Some pieces of buildings like these can be recycled. For example, the bricks from the chimney can be reused or given to people for memory sake. I wouldn’t mind having a ceiling like that in my garage or billiard room someday.


    1. Having studied a little recreation law in college, my first thought when I read it was torn down was the “attractive nuisance” issue. The municipality and/or landowner may have considered it an attractive nuisance issue, and/or may have been advised by their insurance carrier to tear it down based on it being an attractive nuisance. (I am using that term strictly legally, and don’t personally consider it to be a nuisance of course!)


  2. WOW What a great memory seeing this old school house. I remember cutting hay around it when I was a kid. I think my grandfather Sylvester Kasprick was on the school board. At one time the town of Acton was a hopping little river boat town. One can only imagine the history that happened in the area!! Thanks Dave for the picture!!


  3. My great great grandfather, Carl Wolfgram built this school and a church. I have hand written records that he also built the church with Christ Weinlaeder. Thanks for taking those pictures before it was torn down.


  4. Thanks for your wonderful pictures of the Acton School. My grandmother, Ethel Madeline Payne (later Kieley) taught there when it was new in the later 1890s. When she married my grandfather, (F. T. Kieley, later sheriff of Walsh County) that was the end of her career. Her sister Marion Payne (later Rasumssen) also taught there. My father and his siblings were born about 200 feet south of there between 1906 and 1921 in a house that now seems to be gone, judging by Google maps. The last time I was in there was 1987 when my son managed to wiggle the door open. There were still some desks and a pot belly stove. What a difficult joy it must have been to keep the place warm and teach all those children. I teach kindergarten in Palm Springs with rather idea weather conditions. I have great respect for the ladies who did the difficult work. My cousins Lee and Ralph Kieley still live in Grafton. I wonder who your grandmother is. I bet she knew my family. You can reach me at Thanks for “saving” the school for our memories. Kitty Kieley Hayes


  5. Grand Mother & Father was Alfred & Louise Hoenke. They lived on the Farmstead just to east of where the School was. I believe Louise was also a school teacher at Acton School. Have a few old books from her days when she was. My Mom Grace Schultz (Hoenke) also attended this school. I sure miss her and the knowledge of all the History that she had of this area etc. I have never been able to find any Photos of the town of Acton though šŸ˜•


  6. I am enjoying the many histories lessons from all the different sites. I’m pretty sure my grandmother attended this school Johanna Schultz (B. 7-27-1895). A very different time compared to now.


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