Vintage Nome Postcards

We found a couple of vintage Nome postcards at an antique store not too long ago, including a postcard of the now-abandoned Nome School in Barnes County which we snapped on a whim while passing through Nome in 2005.

We had to make some guesses on this card due to the handwriting — This postcard was sent on September 24th, 1919 from Laura Sigurdson to Miss Signe Bratt (who was a teacher herself in Northfield) in Lawton, North Dakota.  It reads as follows:

Dear Signe,

Did you think I had forgotten you entirely?  Oh no.  Am teaching here at Nome, 1st grade, and like it fine.  How are you anyway?  Do you hear from [name illegible]?  Where is she?  Send me her address will you?  Please write me [illegible] soon and tell me all about yourself.  Yours forever, Laura Sigurdson.


You can see what this school looked like in 2005, here.


In the same box of postcards, we also found this unmailed, undated postcard of Farmers State Bank in Nome.


Some dapper looking gentlemen right there.

See the rest of our Nome, North Dakota material here.

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One thought on “Vintage Nome Postcards

  1. Thank you for sharing this postcard and all it contains. My mother was born in Nome, ND in December 1927. She was the youngest daughter of the Norwegian Lutheran Minister who served the community from 1925-1937. I was fortunate enough to visit Nome several years ago with my parents. The current owner of the parsonage even gave us a tour of her home. What fond memories I have of this brief visit. My mother is nearing 90 and lives with my husband and I due to advanced dementia.


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