Manfred’s Hotel Johnson, Then and Now

We revisited Manfred last summer for the first time in six years and found some things had changed for the better.  Look at the Hotel Johnson in 2006 compared to how it looks now… the residents of Manfred have made amazing progress on the old hotel.

Hotel Johnson

7 thoughts on “Manfred’s Hotel Johnson, Then and Now

  1. I’d love to see these places actually functioning again! People are in love with history right now. I do believe it could work! 🙂


  2. What is the plan for future use? I agree with Marcia, would love to see the interior. Would be great if it reopened as a hotel, it is really hard to find a place to stay when traveling to North Dakota.


  3. Paint does wonders! Even if the inside isn’t fixed up, the outside image is outstanding! Kudos to those who took the initiative and the work involved!


  4. I was born in Harvey and raised in Manfred for around 13 years. My dad managed the elevator that is not torn down for years. I lived in the house across from the old post office/bank that was and old doctors house.


  5. Hi Troy – thanks for posting this. My late father in law Chris Anhorn owned and operated the hotel from about 1924 – 1930. He established a lunch coumter and pool hall there. I would love to know if anyone has images of Manfred from that time period. Judy


  6. kind of upsets me what theyve done with the place. it looked a lot nicer before. which sounds weird but it did to me. it looked like it had history and now it just looks fake. even if it was dangerous i think they shouldve left it hoe it was.


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