Fillmore’s Lost Legacy


A half dozen structures or more have been lost to fires of questionable origin in Fillmore in recent years, a story which we addressed here.  As a result, we went back into our photo archive and chose to add to the site these photos, which we’ve never before posted. Most of what you see here is now gone.



This building is now gone.



The rail line which once ran past Fillmore went right through this cut in the ridgeline.



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Both of these buildings are now gone.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

17 Comments on “Fillmore’s Lost Legacy

  1. That building surrounded by pines, appears to be a church, is gone too????? Why? It appears to be in good condition.

    There is just something about Filmore that captures my attention.

    • I lived my life as a commercial fisherman in new England and North Dakota reminds me of the ocean I just love the land scape and the old buildings remind me of days gone bye very cool it is too bad someone or something is burning these buildings but remember all things are lost in time

      • Bill

        Indeed ND should remind you of the ocean as you are looking at the bottom of an ancient seabed. Check out the geologic history of ND sometime, it is absolutely fascinating what was and what we are looking at now. It is an extraordinary place.

    • Church is still standing. We had 2000 people at the centenial in July 2012 and the church was the headquarters for registering and displaying family photos of past residents. In order to save this structure we will need about $10,000 to put a new roof on it. Right now it is headquarters for racoons and other varmits that can climb the pines, get on the roof and fall into the church through the holes that are leaking snow and rain into the building. For anyone who loves history and would like to see the structure saved, please send your donations to the Fillmore Reunion Committee at Fillmore, ND

      • Last year your group raised an unknown amount of money for the very same purpose. 2,000 people at, what, $75 a head?

        Which begs the questions:
        Why would anyone donate money to the very same people that burned most of Fillmore to the ground in order to raise money to save that very same church and a defunct cemetery already?
        Where, if not to the places promised, did that money go?

        I suggest you buy some more gas, invite the family, and, as you people are fond of saying, “exfoliate your souls” in the bizarre burning ritual that has become your heritage.

        Don’t forget the marshmallows.

        • Methinks someone crept in at breakfast time and sprinkled Bitterpills on someones cereal — who is not amused.

          • Oh, Larry, sometimes breakfast is like that, but those are fair questions. Where did all that money go?

        • Thank you Not Amused for saying what needed to be said ! You have a lot of NERVE Karen and the rest of you involved in your pathetic arson antics to ask for yet MORE money when you were given boatloads already to fix that church roof and well, surprise, surprise, nothing has been done.

          So, where DID all that money go???????

          • Hello everyone just found this as I was trying to find Filmore because I am indexing WWII draft cards and found someone that came from there. Boy it is very sad what I have read about the history of this town and what was done with the money. so sad that men that joined the service and fought for our country. Now the people that have said that they were going to upgrade the town with money that people have sent and nothing has been done. Such a shame that happened. In fact I am a Vetter and most of my family have lived and still live there. Thank God that the gentleman that I am indexing is either dead or so old he doesn’t know what’s going on. Such a shame that he fought for our country and what did we do to remember him.

      • I was married at this church,,,after Viet Naum,,,though the church was built of stone,, the marriage was
        nt as strong

  2. Hear, hear Less Amused, I couldn’t agree with you more. Was so disgusted at what happened when I came to the centennial.

  3. My aunt Sandy was born and raised there. I used to go with her and my cousins to visit her folks there and we used to play basketball in the abandoned gym. Was falling down then but was so cool on the inside. Had a balcony in the gym. Sad to see them gone, but great memories!

  4. MY Dad was born and raised in Fillmore. Many memories there. Growing up I spend summers there. my Grandmother lived in town and my cousins lived on a farm about 4 miles out of town. Still and always will MISS FILLMORE.

  5. MY Dad was born and raised in Filmore. Many memories there. Growing up I spend summers there. my Grandmother lived in town and my cousins lived on a farm about 4 miles out of town. Still and always will MISS FILMORE.

  6. Has anyone thought about pressing charges against these fraudulent jerks? Now I’d donate to that! Let’s start the investigation already.

  7. Today, when I found an email from Ghosts of NODAK I was pretty darned happy. I guess I liked following the adventures and looking at the photos more than I thought until the adventurers threw in the towel, something I completely understand, and the journey came to an end. I was thinking that this is great, they decided to gas up the car and wander once again. Seems not to be the case. However entertaining it was to get an email I really wanted to read, the more important thing is that a chronicle of NODAKs visual/architectural/cultural history has been done and is so important. When it’s lost, it’s lost. Once again fellas, thank you for what you did. Maybe one day you really will gas up the car and take off on the next adventure; I can’t help but think that would bring a smile to more than one face. To Scott: I get the impression that if charges have not been brought all these years this won’t happen. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone. I hope that 2020 makes all your wishes come true. Safe journeys, always. Sharon

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