Clear Lake School II

This is one of two rural schools we photographed in Clear Lake Township, and we’ve seen it referenced simply as Clear Lake School.  Kathy Wilner emailed us to say she’s been documenting one-room schools for the North Dakota Historical Society and had the following comments:

It was [originally] located on the south side of a body of water called Long Alkaline Lake, straight north of Highway 36 on 31st Ave SE…  This would be east of Robinson. It was moved from North Merkel Township in northern Kidder County.  The person I visited with told me it was called Barton #8 and he attended 8 years of school there.

Today, it rests all alone in the middle of a farmer’s field, about four miles west of Robinson in Kidder County, right off County Road 36.

Clear Lake School
Clear Lake School
Clear Lake School

Photos by Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

One thought on “Clear Lake School II

  1. Thank you for recording history with photographs. My mom attended both Clear Lake Schools in ND in the mid 1930’s / early 1940’s and she was wondering if you could include a photo of the Clear Lake School #1.


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