Inside Brantford Public School

Exploring the abandoned Brantford Public School in Brantford, North Dakota.  This was Troy’s first time wearing the GoPro camera, and the moment he put it on, he forgot he was wearing it, so please ignore the ramblings and excuse the stomach-turning fast panning.  We’ll do better next time.

Note: this video is available in HD.

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11 thoughts on “Inside Brantford Public School

    1. I think you should just go get those blackboards. It would preserve some history of ND, and also put a much needed supply to good use. Given the shape of this school, I cannot imagine anyone would accuse you of stealing. A couple of guys, a pick up truck and some screw drivers would do the trick. Unless of course, if you really could go to jail for this, then skip it.


  1. Always…. Always a mattress in every abandoned building I have been in. In this video…. A mattress! Lol. Love your work guys. Thanks for the view.


    1. I noticed it too!! What is up with the mattress thing and how in the world does it get in there to begin with???


      1. People have to get rid of it, but don’t have anywhere to take it. So they dump it in an abandoned building. I’ve seen many abandonments stuff full of a wide variety of bulky junk.


  2. You guys are cooler than the other side of the pillow! This video stuff is neat! It’s like we’re actually there with you(except we don’t have to battle the bugs, waist-high grass, broken glass, and 90 degree heat). Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us, and keep up the great work!


  3. Wow, this school is in way worse shape than your still photos of it suggest. Are you not afraid that you will go right through the floor in some of these places? This is a great video, reminds you that the prairie is really in charge. Thanks for sharing, keep your good stuff coming. We are so lucky you guys have this exploring bug and we can live through your experiences online.


    1. I get that a lot when I tell people I explore abandoned buildings. The reality is that the people who built these things built them to last. Only a couple of times have I found floors that I thought there was any serious chance of me going through the floors. Floors like that are visibly compromised and you can tell right away that they are unsound.


  4. The UrbEx ethic dictates that you not take anything unless it is in imminant danger of destruction and being lost forever (if the school was going to be torn down next month, it would be considered acceptable to take the chalkboard, or there’s an old book in a building with a deteriorating roof and nowhere safe to place it)


    1. Yea=we wouldn’t take it unless we had whoever owns the building gives us permission to take it but we do need some chalkboard like that- I am amazed it is still there!!


      1. I have been in a number of abandoned schools across ND where the chalkboards have been intact. As it would happen, the chalkboards are usually the piece of the building that does the best at weathering the elements and decay.

        And because of that, I always take a piece of chalk with me when exploring so I can write my name and date it.


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