Landa, ND

Landa, North Dakota

Landa, North Dakota is a small town in Bottineau County, about seven miles south of the Canadian border.  According to the 2010 Census, Landa is home to 38 residents, down from a peak of 150 in 1920.

Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota

When we first drove into Landa, we saw a lot of inhabited homes with children playing and people out doing yard work, and we worried we might not find much to photograph. Upon a little exploration we discovered some good photo opportunities, including two vacant churches, a one room school house, and more.  There was also a somewhat modern school which someone has turned into an auto shop, and there some guys hanging around outside, so we chose not to photograph it.

Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota

Once upon a time, this was the heart of Landa… the stopping point where residents gathered their goods and caught up on each other’s lives. Today, groceries are bought in other places, in bigger towns down the road.

Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota

We just love these old filling stations like this. Tiny little places where a couple guys came out and filled your tank, washed your windows, and sent you on your way.

Landa, North Dakota
Landa, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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  1. this is very interesting,you guys have outdone yourselves again.

  2. The old school is actually a manufacturing company now. You should have stopped to visit, they are a great group of people and may have pointed you toward some other great places to photograph. Great pictures by the way!

  3. Have enjoyed your website for years — thanks. Traveled to Landa this past May and it’s still a quaint, beautiful place! In 1927 or so, my dad and his dad built a house in Landa that’s still standing and used by a family who probably cared for my grandparents while they lived at the Lutheran Home in Minot — small world. Our family used to travel to and stay in Landa in the 50’s, while my grandparents still farmed their farm which is still in the family. Don’t recall which of the two still-standing churches we attended. Please keep Landa on your list of ND ‘ghost’ places, even tho there remain a few good folks there!

    • My grandparents owned Festvogs Welding in Landa, also the Standard Gas station, which still stands. I was fortunate enough to live there while I finished high school in nearby Westhope, from 1972-1974.It was still a prosperous community then, but as the early residents of Landa passed on, Landa faded also. My best memories are in Landa.

  4. I remember having my overshoes patched in the gas station in the bottom picture.


  6. Steve Carlson – Then your grandfather used to repair my grandfather’s (Albin Nelson) farm equipment, et al and believe my dad (Lloyd) worked for your grandfather at the service station as well. Both of those two of my family members spoke highly of your grandfather. Heard that the service station building was to be included on the ‘national historic register’, but haven’t seen any follow-up. We still have the Model T for which your grandfather made a trailer ball hitch that attached to the spare tire so my grandfather could pull his hay wagon as needed. I have some old pics, including the construction of our family’s house on River at 102nd in 1927 and one or two of the T next to the house. Nice to have had great relatives ahead of us!

    • I do remember the Nelsons’. I especially remember Albin Nelson. I would listen to the extensive BS sessions in my grandfathers welding shop. One farmer would see someones pickup truck he knew in front of the shop, and stop in. It would get so packed in his shop, that it was no longer a working environment. You could hear the laughter all the way down the road. My grandfather never complained as he started at 6am, and sometimes went back to the shop at night. I never realized how lucky I was to have been there then until years later!

  7. For some reason that gas station reminds me of one in Ryder (long since repurposed into an outpost for Verendrye Electric Coop).

  8. My mother & her sibling were born in Landa, North Dakota. My parents were married in the church in Landa.
    My parents were married in the church in Landa (Trinity Lutheran) I like your pictures. they bring back memories
    when we would visit my Grandma Brekke. My mother,s dad had a general store in landa & sold groceries & other stuff in it.
    Barbara Gunnary

  9. My grandma, Ardis Holen, her maiden name is Skagan (I believe that is the correct spelling) was born and raised on a farm near Landa, and she went to school there until it closed after her Junior year. She then had to attend Westhope for her senior year. Nice pictures, I’ll have to show her these and find out what memories they bring back!

  10. I was born in Landa in 1940. My oldest sister, Sylvia Dawn Wareberg would have gone to school there My Dad owned a grocery store there (H O Wareberg) and my grandmother (Edna Cleveland Johnson) was the postmistress. We attended the Lutheran church. I have twin brother and sister buried in a cemetery there and am wondering if anyone could tell me where to find their headstones. I plan to visit Landa in late August.

    • The cemetery is on the edge of town. Was just there myself on Thursday. It is kept up well. Good luck on your search

      • I was just in Landa on Sunday. I was unable to find a marker for my brother and sister. They died at birth 1945. We lived in Crookston, Mn at the time but they were supposedly buried in Landa cemetery.

  11. Visited Landa today returning west from Lake Metigoshe; it appears just one of the two churches still stands in town, but I could be mistaken. A colorful town with a memorable past for those who lived it, no doubt.

    • You are correct, one of the churches were torn down. It was torn down due to safety reasons.

  12. Was just in Landa this past week looking for some family relics….fun time. My family is from there….GB Larson, Helen and Louis Larson and a daughter Alvira. Didn’t seem to be too much left. Anyone know what happened to the bank and hotel. My great grandparents both worked there. How about the church that is still standing. Anyone know what church that is? Did visit the cemetery as well. Thank you to whomever is keeping that up.

  13. I started first grade in Landa in 1950. Each grade was in a separate row on the lower level and high school was on the second floor. We lived right by Hans Festvog’s machine shop and I always marveled at his work. I gave my third son the middle name Hans memory of my respect for his work. Spent much time at Earl Kinley’s gas station shown in the photo.

    • Hans Festvog was my grandfather. I helped him in the shop after school/weekends from 1972-74. I still have the regular gas globe from the gas station and also I had the original wood wall phone from his machine shop professionally restored and it now is in my auto restoration shop behind my home, works too ! Thanks for the kind words Bruce.

  14. I attended grade school in
    Landa from the second through fifth grades during the 1950s. I remember most of these buildings especially when the grocery store was owned by Barney Borgen. I also remember the free ice cream on elevator day and it was a great town to go to on Halloween. My uncle was the mailman there for many years. I remember the old school that was two stories but never attended the newer school

  15. Enjoyed all the pics n comments. ..omg the memories. My siblings n I lived a few miles east of landa …Olson’s. ..about1957 to1970

  16. I went to school in Landa from 5Th grade thru freshman when the school was closed. I have lots of great memories!

  17. my grandfather and grandmother lived in landa. Clayton and Alice juve. I remember going to the post office to visit Julian when I was a child. I always enjoyed going to the grocery store and getting a soda with my grandfather. I will be there hopefully in august of 2019 to visit my grandparents grave site

    • My mother (Marjorie) grew up in Landa. She graduated from high school in the late 1930’s. My grandfather (Lester Strom) ran the Grain Elevator.

      My aunt (mom’s sister-Donna) got married in Trinity Lutheran Church in 1956. I was her flower girl.

      • Wow! Hello Marcia. I am your cousin. My recollection is that our paths last crossed in the early 1960’s when you and your family were visiting Bottineau county. Gee, that’s over a half-century ago! Anyway… my Mom/your Aunt, sister to Marjorie, (Eleanor (Strom) Akerlind), also grew up in Landa and married Melvin Akerlind in the same Lutheran Church in Landa. Unfortunately Eleanor passed away this past July at age 92. Hopefully this message somehow gets to you.

  18. So many great memories . My Dad, Pastor Dale and Amy Striker and 9 of their 10 children lived there from 1963 -1969.

    • I believe that was around the same time my family lived there. My dad worked at the elevator Wayne Anderson. My Mom was Averill Anderson. Does anyone remember them?

  19. I’ve been a fan of & subscriber to Ghosts of ND since the very beginning. Love the site.
    That being said, do any of you ‘Landa folks’ remember A.M. & Gina Anderson, Alfred & Nettie Anderson, and Carl & Julia Anderson? A.M. & Gina were my (adoptive) grandparents on my dad’s side. Those 3 couples were actually a case of 3 brothers marrying 3 sisters. How’s that for a story?! A.M. & Gina homesteaded north of Landa in about 1904, later moving into town.
    A.M. & Gina lived about a block & a half south of the town hall, and across the street from the Benthagens who ran the grocery store – as I recall (please don’t quote me on that). A.M. & Gina’s daughter, Bernice, married Jud Siercks and they lived north of Landa just short of the Canadian border. My dad, Orville Anderson, came to live with A.M. & Gina shortly after his birth mother died in the flu epidemic of 1918. His birth name was Soland. Dad was formally adopted later by A.M. & Gina, and hence became my adoptive grandparents.
    I actually attended 1 year of school in Landa (we lived in Westhope at the time) because my mother took a substitute teaching job for the year to teach 4th, 5th & 6th grades – yep, all together in the same room. Guess who MY teach was. You’re right – my mother as I was in 4th grade! Talk about having to toe the line. Pretty sure I never got above a ‘C’ in conduct – she couldn’t play favorites, of course. That school building was later purchased by Jud Siercks and moved out to his farm north of Landa.
    Despite that traumatic year, I will always remember some great times in Landa with grandpa & grandma Anderson.

  20. Long ago, my grandparents lived in Landa. My grandfather ran the grain elevator.

  21. My mother (Marjorie) grew up in Landa. She graduated from high school in the late 1930’s. My grandfather (Lester Strom) ran the Grain Elevator.

    My aunt (mom’s sister-Donna) got married in Trinity Lutheran Church in 1956. I was her flower girl.

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