Roth in 2013

We weren’t expecting a lot when we visited Roth since it’s a very small town site, west of Bottineau, but we left disappointed after discovering a combination of factors would keep us from getting the photos we’d hoped.  Much of the town is now heavily overgrown, hiding some of the vacant structures, and there are No Trespassing signs posted as well.

Roth is an unincorporated community, so official census numbers are not available. We’ve heard from others that there might be three or four families in Roth, but we only saw one residence that was definitely inhabited, and we were unsure about one other home.

This pink home is the most impressive of the structures on the Roth site, but we were concerned about some No Trespassing signs nearby, so we didn’t venture out for a closer look.

Roth, North Dakota
Roth, North Dakota

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Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media

5 thoughts on “Roth in 2013

  1. My family lived in that house when I was very small, probably about 2 years old. The upstairs room had those double doors that rattled in the wind and made me think that ghosts were going to come in! We used it as a playroom in the warmer months and didn’t heat it during the winter. I remember a vent in the floor where you could see into the living room below. We had a garden, but I also remember finding raspberries and gobbling them down as fast as I could! This would have been in the early 60’s. There were not many pink houses back then!


  2. Thank you. I grew up in the house you can’t see. There were three elevators, a train depot, Charnholm’s store and a country school which I attended through the 4th grade. Sherry Nordmark Albright


    1. My mother, Mabel Johnson was a teacher in Roth during the late 1950’s. She lived with my father’s Aunt one mile west and one mile south of Roth. That was how she met my father. I have a small pitcher with the Charnholm name on it and Roth, ND.


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