When Omemee Was a Town

Omemee, North Dakota

We first learned about Omemee, North Dakota, a ghost town in Bottineau County, through contributors Mark Johnson and Tom Tolman, who contributed photos of Omemee as it looked around the turn of the millennium.  Those images were all we had ever seen of Omemee until quite recently.  Despite all the time we spend rummaging around at estate sales and antique stores in our free time,  postcards and photos of Omemee just didn’t seem to pop up very often.

So, Tim Brannon of Georgia caught our attention when he posted some photos of Omemee, North Dakota on our Facebook page.  He was kind enough to share these photos and comments.

George and Hope (Harding) Mangold were my great-grandparents and I believe it was his father who homesteaded in Omemee.  Mangold Blacksmith was their business – which moved to Phoenix Arizona at some point (1930ish?)

George Mangold, Omemee, North Dakota

George Mangold, Omemee, North Dakota

Hope Harding Mangold, Omemee, North Dakota

Hope Harding Mangold, Omemee, North Dakota

Omemee, North Dakota

From my great-grandmother’s photos (Hope Harding Mangold)

Omemee, North Dakota

“Mangold and Son Blacksmith and Wagonshop”. Looks like “Campbell Bros” on building next door. My greatgrandfather George Mangold owned the blacksmith shop. My grandmother spent her childhood here, in the 1920’s.

Omemee, North Dakota

Omemee, North Dakota

On back of photo “church across the street from our house”. No date, but probably early 1920’s.

Omemee, North Dakota

Editor’s note: The size of Omemee and the sheer number of vanished places becomes quite apparent when you consider what remains today.

Omemee, North Dakota


Mangold Family Living Room

This photo was captioned “Our front room.”

Photos contributed by Tim Brannan. Original content copyright © 2017 Sonic Tremor Media


10 Comments on “When Omemee Was a Town

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    • Hi there. I see that you may still live in Omemee, across from the cemetery. I searched the interments and didn’t see anyone that might be related to me buried there. From what I gather online, Omemee is basically not there at all these days – is this true? Just prairie land? Are there any of the old houses or buildings left? We own two lots in Old Omemee, but I am assuming that it is just dirt at this point. Betty Bernice was my great aunt – daughter of George and Hope Mangold. I was very close to her sister, my grandmother Enid (also daughter of George and Hope). I never knew their brother, my great-uncle, Ken.

    • Hello there,

      I had family that lived in Omemee in the 1910 U.S. Census. I was wondering if anyone has any photos or information on where to see if I can make any connections to further document their time there. Their last name was Theroux, and Louis L Theroux ran the hardware store there. I would love any pictures of the store if there are any as he was my first relative into the states from that lineage. Would love to talk to anyone that has info quhammer@yahoo.com is my email.


  2. Hi
    I’m Charles Kippen at Omemee. and I knew your Great Grandfather. He was my Dad’s good friend. I was in that blacksmith shop with my dad many times. My sister Joy went to school with Betty Bernice. My phone number is 701-228-2413

  3. my family in Saco,MT had very good friends in Omemee, by the name of Jack and Hazel Kippen, that we used to visit their farm many times in the 40’s/60’s. I’m wondering if you, Charles, are related to them. ??

  4. I grew up in Bottineau and worked on my uncle Chris Zorn’s farm every summer between my fifth and eighth grade years. One of my fondest memories, when haying near Omemee, was uncle Chris picking up a case of pop and bringing it out to the field for a break. Nothing like an old fashioned root beer and a Mars bar!

  5. My mother and both sidesher family came from Omemee North Dakota. I was wondering if there is any kind of publication pertaining to that area then and now. Thanks .

  6. I’d rather phrase it as “dust to dust”. Still I love seeing the photos even though they make me a little sad at the same time. The stories they could tell. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. I have several cousins who were born there. They were children of Oscar & Jennie Hagen. Just wondering if anyone posting here knew them.
    Sharon Cremer

  8. A. B. And Jessie Batie were my grandparents and my grandfather had the First Bank of Omemee. My mother, Marian, and her 6 six siblings were all born and raised in Omemee. They graduated from Omemee HS between 1926-1936. In the photo above that includes rail cars, grain elevators and a large two story brick building, can anyone identify the brick building? Is it the high school?
    Cathy Zabel

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