Understanding the Rise of Devils Lake

Devils Lake, North Dakota

The rise of Devils Lake has been a strong contributing factor to the abandonment happening in towns like Church’s Ferry and Minnewaukan, but also on hundreds of individual farms and properties all around the lake. We’ve shown you some views of the inundation in the past, including the Harmon home and a satellite view of the lake.

Now, if you have a free hour, please enjoy Prairie Public Television’s Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake The Dilemma. It’s a very informative hour on the unique challenges posed by Devils Lake. At the time this aired in January of 2013, 30-thousand acres of land had been reclaimed from Devils Lake which hit a record high water level in June 2011. ¬†It remains to be seen whether the battle has been won.

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  1. Very well done, I drove through the area in 2012, and got a first hand view of the projects. This video documents very well the challenges of the Devils Lake basin.

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