Silent Film Offers View of Hazen, 1916

Dakota Territory

We don’t know much about this video, but it is a fascinating look at Hazen, North Dakota in 1916. It’s a silent film circa 1916 called “The Land of Corn and Alfalfa.”

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2 Comments on “Silent Film Offers View of Hazen, 1916

  1. Born in Oslo, Norway, Frithjof (Fred) Holmboe was a photographer and film maker who made promotional films for the North Dakota Department of Immigration. He came to Minnesota with his family in 1882 and opened a photographic studio in New Salem, ND in 1907. He moved to Bismarck and became interested in film making; he formed the Publicity Film Company, which produced this short film, around 1913. The ND Historic Society hold his papers ( and some of his additional films are available through Digital Horizons ( Here is a 1915 newspaper article featuring Holmboe:

  2. Fantastic job done, so many years ago. Thank you to whoever found and submitted this film to just keep improving and adding to a most interesting, educational and a great “look back” site. This site never fails to impress me!!


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