Buford, North Dakota

Kyle Stubbs sent in the following photos and comments on Buford, North Dakota.

Thought I’d pass along for Ghosts of North Dakota a few photos I took in May of 2011 of what remains of Buford, North Dakota, on the western edge of the state in Williams County. Also included is what I believe is a picture from a family album of my great-great grandmother with downtown Buford in the background, circa 1910 when she lived in nearby Hardscrabble Township. The white two-story structure to the left seems consistent with the view of the downtown found on this website: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ndwillia/

From what I’ve been able to piece together, this is a rough history of Buford:

The town of Buford traces its origins to the nearby outposts of Fort Union and Fort Buford on the Missouri River. With the construction of the Great Northern Railroad line from Williston, ND through to Culbertson, MT, Buford found itself on the tracks. The resulting boom brought a Post Office in 1897, and a small town grew up. However, like many isolated communities in North Dakota, even a railroad couldn’t sustain success in the long run. In the years since, many buildings have disappeared and the Post Office closed in 1975. Today, other than a cemetery, a scattering of farms, and the historic sites at the two forts, little remains of the town of Buford.

Buford, North Dakota

Buford, North Dakota

Buford, North Dakota

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Buford, North Dakota

Buford, North Dakota

Photos by Kyle Stubbs
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6 thoughts on “Buford, North Dakota

  1. I used to go by there all the time when would go between Sidney and Williston. Miss seeing that area, but know it’s not the same area it used to be when I was still up there. I was born in Sidney and then moved to Williston and went to high school only there.


  2. Your not missing much about Sidney, i grew up in Richey, ive actually never been to Buford but ive been to Fort Buford a lot of times, now that is a cool place.


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