Watrous: A Stop on the Milwaukee Road

Nate Reynolds posted these photos to our Facebook page with the comments: Watrous, between Bentley and Mott, this is all that’s left. Watrous was a stop along the Milwaukee Road railroad line about 75 miles southwest of Bismarck, and had a population of 15 in 1920.

Watrous, North Dakota

For places like Watrous, there’s not a lot to say. Likely founded as a rural post office in somebody’s house. The trains stopped, for awhile, but no town ever really sprang up, and eventually it faded away.

Watrous, North Dakota

What do you know about Watrous? Let us know in the comments.

Photos by Nate Reynolds. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

One thought on “Watrous: A Stop on the Milwaukee Road

  1. Watrous (Hettinger County)

    This Milwaukee Road Railroad loading station was built in the northeast quarter of section 23-133-92, Brittian Township seven miles east-southeast of Mott. A post office was established October 29, 1910 with Mrs. G. K. Jordet as Postmaster, although the duties of the office were usually performed by Frances Pew. John Hallam became Postmaster in 1918, and L. H. Boknecht assumed the office in 1921, closing the facility on May 31, 1923 with mail to Bentley. Some say the name was borrowed from the Watrous Fire Engine Manufacturing Co. while others say it was named for Watrous Township, Koochiching County, Minnesota, which was named for Charles B. Watrous, a sawmill operator who had come from Pennsylvania. A small village was here for a few years, reporting a population of 15 in 1920. The elevator still exists under private ownership.

    Source 1988: North Dakota Place Names


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