Abandoned Country School in Adams County

This Adams County country school is one of hundreds simply withering away in the elements across the plains of North Dakota, having served its purpose in educating the children of the earliest settlers.

Adams County Country School

Most township schools like these, a single room structure constructed to conform with standard plans, were 18 x 32 and were staffed by a single teacher with students from first through eighth grade.

Adams County Country School

Consolidation and elimination of one-room schools began in 1908 when President Roosevelt appointed the National Commission on Country Life, and continued as automobiles became the primary mode of transportation for country residents, and mechanized farming reduced rural populations.

Adams County Country School

This school was posted “No Trespassing” so we didn’t get to go inside. It is located about six miles northeast of Reeder, North Dakota, not far from Wolf Butte Church.

Adams County Country School

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Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC


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4 thoughts on “Abandoned Country School in Adams County

  1. Found an interesting newspaper story in a 1934 issue of the Cavalier Chronicle. It was an “anniversary” issue and one of the stories told how North Dakota (Dakota Territory) started with only school in the state (Pembina) and had by 1934 progressed to 1,143 schools. It probably isn’t too far into the future that most counties will have only one school. Cavalier County is down to just two (Langdon & Munich) as this is being written.


  2. Was there anything still inside? Desks, chalkboard or anything? It would be wonderful if we could travel back in time and see these places in their glory. All the stories this schoolhouse could tell..


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