6 More North Dakota Sites You’ll Love

We got an email request from someone not too long ago to do another “More North Dakota Sites You’ll Love” post (the original is here), so we’ve gathered up another handful of North Dakota-related sites you should check out.

Border Marker Project — We just discovered this one ourselves and it is really cool. The description of the Border Marker Project from their “About” page: In 1891 and 1892 the North and South Dakota state line was surveyed and marked with quartzite state line markers. Originally there were 720 of these marker placed every 1/2 mile from the Minnesota state line to the Montana border. Now less than half remain and are badly in need of restoration. It is the intent of our project to restore as many of the existing leaning markers as possible. In a few cases misplaced markers will be returned to their original location where possible. [facebook]

FMlostandfound.com — The website for FM Lost and Found is a look at the visual landscape of Fargo and Moorhead, yesterday and today, through classic postcards and vintage photographs, juxtaposed in many cases with current photographs taken from the same spot.  There are plenty of ways to waste an hour on this website if Fargo and Moorhead interest you, and much more in the book. [website]

North Dakota Badlands Horse — North Dakota Badlands Horse is a non-profit dedicated to the well-being of the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. “North Dakota Badlands Horse (NDBH) is a nonprofit made up of people from around the country and the world who are passionate about these magnificent North Dakota wild horses. We were able to save all but 8 of the 77 horses sold in 2009 and all 103 of them sold in 2015. Now that NDBH has a Partnership agreement with TRNP we are able to help capture horses using low stress herding on foot. A few excess young horses selected by park staff are removed and adopted out to pre-approved homes so that they will be able to be trained and cared for the rest of their lives.” [website] [facebook]

Travel North Dakota — The official state portal for North Dakota travel. You’ve likely seen the advertising campaign commercials starring Minot-native and Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel, and the website is loaded with ideas for fun North Dakota travel excursions, plus accommodations and more. [website] [Facebook]

Preservation North Dakota — If you’ve been a GND fan for any length of time, you know we support Preservation North Dakota and the good work they do to assist in the restoration and preservation of North Dakota’s historic places. Their website has been redesigned since we last checked-in, so check it out. [website] [Facebook]

The Minot Voice — The Minot Voice is a frequently updated feed of North Dakota stories and sites. The Minot Voice is sometimes politics- heavy, but the site encompasses everything North Dakota-related, and you’ll occasionally see Ghosts of North Dakota articles pop-up on the Minot Voice, too. [website] [facebook]

Do you know of an interesting North Dakota-related site or community? Let us know about it in the comments.

4 thoughts on “6 More North Dakota Sites You’ll Love

  1. Thank you for posting this article including North Dakota Badlands Horse. I’ve been documenting the horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park since the 80s and volunteering for the park since 1999. I have seen the management of the wild horses go from helicopter roundups with large numbers of horses being removed to the small band by band low stress roundups we use now. In years past most of the horses went to slaughter but now we can find great homes for them. If you are interested in adopting a horse, visit our website at ndbh.org. These are really good using horses, smart, sensible, hardy, and very trainable. Those of us who have them can’t say enough good about them.


  2. Have you ever checked out Dakota Death Trip? Updated regularly with true stories from ND papers documenting many bizarre occurences over the years.


  3. Have either of you ever thought about going to Perth ND or to Anamoose ND? I keep hoping I will see some photos from one or both of those places.


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