Vanishing Bremen, North Dakota

Bremen, ND

Bremen is a small, unincorporated town near Fessenden in Wells County.  This central part of the state is very sparsely populated and dotted with abandoned places like the Remains of Munster School and Hamberg.  These photos were taken in 2008, and we hope to revisit the area sometime soon for an update.

Bremen, North Dakota

Bremen supposedly had a population of 200 at one time, but it hasn’t had nearly that many for a very long time. Most of Bremen’s residents (there aren’t many) live in a cluster of residences a short distance to the southeast, leaving the street shown here a rather lonesome place.

Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota

Do you know what this building used to be? Please leave a comment.

Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota

The former Bremen Bank is the most striking derelict structure in Bremen. The amazing stone architecture is a thing to behold, but also perhaps a liability considering moving the building for the sake of preservation would be very difficult and expensive. The roof is totally porous already. Unless someone takes heroic measures to save this structure where it sits, it will eventually fall victim to time.

Bremen, ND
Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota

A peek inside the building from the rear, looking toward the front.

Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota
Bremen, North Dakota

There’s something storybook about this winding drive, leading to a decidedly non-storybook abandoned home.

Bremen, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, © Sonic Tremor Media

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  1. Have you considered a pocket GPS to track your travels and pinpoint your photo locations? I recently purchased a little QStarz Travel Recorder and once I got the time synced with my computer and camera, it was very accurate in placing my photos on a map. I use it especially when I photograph historic markers, because it’s hard to remember exactly where I found them.

  2. My Grandfather clerked in that little bank and was there when it was robbed. He lived there and my dad was raised there. They also ran a grocery store and had a creamery there. My dad and uncle eventually ran the bar selling it to another uncle and aunt who ran it until recently. Lots of fun memories of Bremen.

    • Hi Janie,
      I love your memories of Bremen. I live in Germany and I’m doing research about places called Bremen in the US, would you contact me at zweitmail3 [at], so that I could ask you a few more questions? That would be nice!

    • Janie,

      My great grandfather, grandfather and a great aunt were associated with the State Bank of Bremen in the years preceeding its closing. I grew up on the farm homesteaded by John Bollingberg just southwest of town. I’ve heard sketchy stories about the bank robbery and would love to hear your story. So are you related to the Johnsons who had the Johnson Bros. store? Yes there is very little left of Bremen but quite a town in its heyday.

      • Eric, my dad was Duane Knudsen. I think he was a classmate of John Bollingberg, I remember Dad talking about John, did he go to college at St. John’s U. in MN? My aunt is Donna Mae O’Connor and my grandma was Irene (Lies) Knudsen. So Romeo Lies was also my great uncle, JM and Carrie Becvar second cousins. etc etc etc! Ha! (And that’s just my Dad’s side.)
        As far as the bank robbery I don’t know very much except the police let my Grandpa Rudy Knudsen keep the pistol used to rob the bank I think. Not sure where that ended up, but that’s what my dad said. I think my Grandpa died in 1949 so the bank robbery was before that.

        • Hi Janie,
          Yes, I remember your dad talking about Bremen many times during the years that I worked with him. Just discovered this web site fairly recently, and just absolutely love it. There are so many interesting comments about certain places and people that I know or remember.

          Lynn Mickelson

      • My grandmother is Beatrice Zander (lies) and grandfather William Zander . Donna May is my dads Aunt 💜 my father is Myron W Zander from farm outside New Rockford.

    • Janie,
      My hometown is Bremen and you used to come to the farm to visit Mom and Dad – Donald and Barbara Lies. They were good friends of Donna Mae and Ray. Bremen was a great place to grow up, every kid should have the opportunity to experience that kind of lifestyle. Would be fun to go back for awhile, wouldn’t it!

      • Jo your parents were my grandparents neighbor, I remember going their on Halloween

  3. hey you guys should make a trip to NW ND up to Fortuna, ambrose, alkabo, greonora, stady, and zahl area and get some pictures this spring or summer time. Thanks Jordan

    • Jordan, if you look at the column to the right on this page you will see a list of the towns they have documented, including several towns from the NW corner of the state–some that you suggest. Alkabo, especially, has some lovely summer photos posted, some of my favorites. I, too, love these pics of the Bremen bank. Very unique. Love this site! Thanks, GND, for sharing your travels with us.

  4. That is a cool bank. How long has it been closed? In another life, I may have robbed that bank, hauling my tail out of town on the running boards with Ma Barker at the wheel!

  5. I was raised on a farm 5 miles straight East of Bremen, and my Grandfather, Christ Frosaker, a stone mason, built that bank. Have lots of good memories of Bremen, including gopher days, roller skating, card playing etc.

  6. I also grew up on the farm straight east of Bremen and I remember my mom (Diane Jaeger) taking me for a pop at the bar when I was a little girl and visiting with Donna Mae and Ray. What a great place with wonderful people!!

  7. I lived in Bremen from 1999-2002! Loved it! While I was there, the post office/grocery store were open as well as the bar. We went back to the bar last summer. Looks like it has changed a bit. It was a nice quiet little town. I had great memories there!

  8. Gopher Tail Day – Elevator Picnic Day – Free pop and icecream!! Kids and neighbors everywhere!!! …. Getting the mail – and cream, eggs, and bread – the emergency staples – from Mr. Bower’s Store …… Stopping for a pop at the Bremen Bar in the middle of a long hot summer horseback ride through the gravel pit just west of town…… Riding my horse into the elevator and onto the scale to “get weighed” ….. Summer ball games and meeting friends there…….. Listening to “adventurous” Bremen School (a TWO Room!!) stories from my siblings (before my time! I attended Bremen #1 – a one room – 3 miles south of Bremen – when even the barn was still there!!) …………. Then watching it all slowly disappear every time I returned home ………. Except for the infamous Bremen Bar still standing strong on “Main Street’!! …… I know Bremen, as it used to be, lives on vividly in the minds of those who grew up there and in the surrounding community during a wonderful and truly rich era – before time sped up thrust us into the “modern” ??? age!!!

  9. Also grew up there and attended school and church there.Remember gopher tail days, elevator picnics. Remember Bowers Store and Ray and Donna May at the bar. Even after being gone for a few years, come back and got married in the Church there. Still enjoy stopping in for a visit when I, get back to ND.

    • Leslie and Melanie I have the same great memories and remember you both. Eric, I used to play with Karen at Olaf and Idella’s place. (your grandparents i think?) We used to use a jump rope and pretend to do Edward R. Murrows TV show Person to Person! Such great memories of that home. Seemed like a mansion in my eyes! Really trying to figure out whose houses these were when I went to Bremen School #3 in town on the hill.

  10. I lived 4 miles south of Bremen. We made many many trips there for a few groceries , drinking free pop at Bremen elevator days, softball games. I attended first grade at the school 3 miles south. I think there used to be roller skating at the hall. We use to visit with the Halvorsons, Bowers, Schaefers.

  11. In 1979 I became editor of the weekly Wells County Free Press in Fessenden, N.D. The first story I covered was the annual elevator association meeting in Bremen. I lived in Wells County for almost three years, a beautiful part of North Dakota with lots of great people.

    • I wish it were so. But I think without a roof it will not last. The environment of the northern high plains seems to have a way of gobbling up buildings. Even stone buildings. And then there’s the bipedal varmints. Vandals…

  12. I lived a few miles North of Bremen, grew up in the Bremen Church. I remember the elevator and drinking orange soda at the bar (I was 5 then), small town bars are kid friendly when your parents are farmers! I hope you guys can make that trip back there and get some shots of the rest of Bremen! This website and the photos are fantastic. Sad but fantastic!

    Thanks for doing what you do!


  13. Melanie and all:

    I am so excited to have just found this website! Yes, yes, and YES to all of your comments! How I love to think about those good-ole days too! I was sort of a tomboy that lived life to the fullest. I remember running fast at those ball games at the baseball diamond in Bremen for fowl balls where they started paying 25 cents a ball to return them. Eventually it did drop to 10 cents a ball. That really didn’t matter tho as we would go up to the Bremen store afterwards where I could buy a cold bottle of soda, sunflowers seeds and penny candy with “my very own money”, and still have change left over!

    I have lived about half of my life in ND and half in WI, but my roots still run deep to call ND “HOME”.

    I look forward to hearing from others that have ties to Bremen! Thanks to Troy and Terry for this great website!

    • The BERGRUD family , my relatives, lived there for many years. So made trips there every summer to visit them. Always looked forward to it as they were amazing people.

  14. My goodness! What a ‘site’ sight! I lived in Bremen from 1951 to 1960. I went to Bremen school #3. My Mom and Dad, Roger and Lorraine Larson owned Bremen grocery which was next door to Lou Bower’s implement and parts store plus the post office. I often went with Ermie Simms walk down to the railroad tracks to get the mail as it was kicked off the “37”. (By the way, the mail-car of the “37” now resides in Sacramento Ca. I played with the Alfsted boys, Billy and Dennis in the gravel pits, went ice skating in the slough between Andersons and Roemmick’s. Played ‘Pony-League baseball under Robert Bower’s coaching, and Dad’s coaching. Took piano lessons from Irma Omoth, though my Mom wasted a lot of money on that deal. I was confirmed in the Lutheran churchi n Bremen. Visited Bremen last in ’05, picnic-ed at the school. That slide was really tall. (Now, my cousin tells me, the school building is gone. A corner of the basement had caved in.) I used to collect gopher tails and sold at ‘Gopher-Tail days’. I made 50 cents cleaning up the street after Elevator Days. I bought my first pair of roller skates at Roller Skating night and I still have the skates! Thanks for the memories and I’m sure I will recall more in the next days.

  15. I grew up at Bremen and have many fond memories. It has changed a bit since then though. The school house on the hill is gone, the grocery store is gone, some of the old abandoned houses are gone, the gas station is gone, the Catholic Church a few miles south of Bremen is gone and I am sure more too. Even in the 20+ years since I grew up there things have changed alot. I remember elevator days, and walking to get things at the grocery store. I had an amazing childhood growing up there and wouldn’t change a thing!!

  16. The family farm was 4.5 miles south of Bremen. My dad’s family, especially my grandparents always told wonderful stories of Bremen. I remember the Elevator Day’s at the old school on top of the hill. Free pop, cookout’s, playing with neighbors, and it seemed I wanted to stay throughout the entire day. We used to call Rae O’Connor, Raymond from Braymen. He owned the grocery store, post office and bar after the Bower’s. I used to love driving my Rambler on the diagonal road past the church right up to the grocery store; that road was so neat with the view of the country side and Bremen itself. Sad to say the beautiful St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is now gone. Some hard feelings over that decision within our family. It was a beautiful site. Many memories of weddings, church bazaar’s, services sad and happy. I look forward to finding out what is in the time capsule recovered from the cement pillar of the church.

  17. Jayson, was the time capsule from the Lutheran church or the Catholic church? That would be neat to find out the contents of it. I remember going to the Lutheran church with my grandparents Jake and Alvina Roemmich back in the 80’s.

    • The time capsule was in the Bremen Catholic Church. It’s contents was opened and are on display in the New Rockford Catholic Church.

  18. Hi, Karen. I haven’t been to the Train Museum in Sacraments for at least 2 years +/- , but IT WAS THERE and my folks, Roger & Lorraine Larson were through it a couple of years before that. Therefore, I am reasonably sure it is still there. There were even original labels for the towns the train went through. . . including Bremen. I actually was able to tell the ‘museum guide’ how the mail-bag was snagged from the pole (pick-up) and the in-coming mail-bag was kicked out the door, as it passed through town at 75 miles per hour.

    • You mention Charlie Eldridge. He had a son Billie. I think Charlie was my GG. Do you have information on him or Billy?

  19. I was born in 1948 in New Rockford ,but our family lived in Bremen until 1951. My dad Norbert ran the grocery for a couple years too, sounds like the grocery business was a revolving door in more ways than one. My father’s oldest brother Francis (Jake) owned the farm just north of town and raised his 3 children there with his wonderful wife Adeline. They were my Godparents . I spent many days happily visiting and working with my uncle Jake and cousin Larry on their farm/ranch. I now live in Sacramento, Ca and have since 1970. I am so glad to have found this site and actually going out to Brementown , hopefully with Larry the day after tomorrow. I am hoping to take photos and will post what I can. I was surprised to hear St Josephs is gone, cemetery still there? Guess I will find out?

    • Hi, Dave. Have you been to the train museum in Sacramento? I live in Glen Ellen, near Santa Rosa. I do recall the Arendt family and farm. In fact I ‘played’ with Larry many times out at his farm. I recall climbing up into the upper reaches of the barn and jumping into the hay or hanging on this large rope and dropping into the hay. I recall Emily, she was in the next grade, I recall Francis and Adeline, though I don’t recall little sister’s name. My cousin’s place is just across the road from the Arendts. If you seem him wave “Hi” from me. It was sad to hear that the school up on the hill had been burned just a couple of years ago. I was there in 2005 with my grand kids, picnic-ed behind the school – played on the swings and slide. I was taken by how tall that slide was. It was a great visit, reminiscing with (to) my California family. Don’t think I’ll ever get back. Hope you and Larry have fun in Bremen.

      • Terry, I remember the LARSON family and probably played back then with you too. Jean is the baby on the Francis Arendt line. Emily is a Nun and lives in Fargo. Larry lives in town Now. Jean is living in Valley City. I have been to the RR museum and now will have relook at trains to find old #37 train. Nice to know that Bremen remains a place with so many good feelings and memories. Larry and I went to Sykeston and had a great time renewing Arendt family history. It was very nice to look and visit the site and locale of St Joseph s Catholic church , the cemetery was well kept. We think the last two photos above are the house my folks and two older brothers lived in while we were in Bremen. Dave

        • Recently my Daughter asked me to write my autobiography so imagine my excitement when I found this web site. My parents, John and Leone (Priester) Doubek moved to Bremen from Anamoose circa 1947. He ran the blacksmith shop. We lived in a small home straight back from the saloon. We were very poor. I am pretty sure the Bollingberg’s were God parents to one of my siblings born there. I also remember fondly the Elevator Days and Gopher tali contests. We worked very hard to fill that match box with Gopher tails! l We played with the Alfstad children, also Simpson ,Berndt and Anderson kids. Who lived across the tracks and I think around a pond on a farm there? I think Anderson s .I remember playing the Fox and the Goose on very cold winter days. I travel through Bremen every time I return to Minot and Anamoose as I have may relatives still there. I was saddened to see the School house down. It’s amazing how we learned with all 8 grades in just two rooms. I have enjoyed reading all your comments and thanks for the pictures, our old home is in one of them!

          • I was not in school when we lived in Bremen,but my brother Gary was. My mother and dad owned the Breman bar for a couple years and we lived obove it. I remember Bower’s John Deere Implement dealership,and the town hall accross the street from the bar. I would look from the upstairs window on dance nights,Bremen was a busy little town. I remember the baseball games. We have 8mm film of some of those games.My uncle Austin Bower was the third baseman on those teams. Guess who supplied the Beer after the games. After dad sold the bar we lived straight back from the bar to in the Shaffer house. Donna Mae baby sat me when I was small.I have been back a couple times in the last few years. Bremen has a special place in my heart.and always will. Gary Berndt lives in Enumclaw, washington,and I live in Auburn ;Washington.

      • I went to school in New Rockford with Larry’s daughters and remember going to Francis and Adeline’s for dinner on more than one occassion. They were wonderful people.

  20. Hi Lonnie, I was happy you responded to my post. When you lived above the bar my Sister Linda, Gary and I ( you may have been there) dropped a cat from the top of the stairs just to see if it would land on it’s feet. Mean kids! When you moved to the Shaffer house you were our neighbors, I also remember the town hall. Our school plays and Christmas parties were there. My Dad was Santa one year. I think there was something like a box lunch social too. I recall one winter day when a very bad storm came up and the teachers wouldn’t let us leave it was so bad but lo and behold a figure came up the hill to lead us to town. It was my father we had to all hold hands with one teacher in the middle and one at the rear to make sure we all stayed together. My sister and I were happy it was our dad who rescued us! I recall also that your mother didn’t cut you or your brothers hair, you both had long curly locks, You probably don’t remember that or don’t want to LOL! Your fathers bar was my fathers second home, unfortunately. I left Minot in 1960 to move to IL where I now reside. I will swing through Bremen again on my way to Minot this June for our Doubek Family reunion. I also have a special place in my heart for Bremen as well as Anamoose where I was born.

    • Hi Beverly, Just talked to Gary,he said he did not remember the attempted murder of the cat. He did say he thought there were five kids in your’e family. Johnny Piotz bought the bar from dad,and they had two boys with the long curly hair. We still have 8mm film of them. I will be back in N.Dak in June also not sure on the date yet. We will be staying in New Rockford with my cousin,her mother was a Bower. It would be nice to meet up.

  21. Hi Lonnie, I had forgotten all about the Piotz kids until you mentioned them. Maybe it was them who conspired to drop the cat! When we moved to Bremen there were 4 children then 3 more born while we lived there. By the time it was over I was the oldest of 11. My poor Mother. Do you or any of your family have any pictures or postcards from when Bremen was “booming”? I sure would like to get some copies if you do. Our Family reunion is June 27th. I will be driving up. If there is a chance you would be in New Rockford prior to that say around the 24, I would love to see you & reminisce our youth! Had breakfast with my Sister, Joanne this AM and she remembered when you lived next to us that you or Gary got a new train set for Christmas and let us come over and play with it. We probably did not get much of anything, Would Gary be traveling with you in June? What did your parents do after they sold the bar and how long were they in Bremen. Did they move to Washington?

    • Hi Beverly, Wow 11 kids. I don’t know if we have any pictures from those days. My parents put most every thing on 8mm film, Gary just copied all of them to dvd. I will talk to him about pictures. I think I will be able to meet you in Bremen on the 24th of June. I am not sure if Gary will be coming,he says he would like to talk to you. You asked about the train,Gary still has it and it is set up in his basement. After my parents sold the bar we moved to a farm East of Bremen,we lived there for a couple years, we were neighbors to the Fingerson family. I started school in a one room school about a mile from the farm. My parents then bought another bar in Niagara, N. Dak.We moved ther in the fall of 1953,I was in the 3rd grade. They came out to Washington shortly after I did,Gary was already here. I called back and the bar in Bremen is still operating, but I think the best time to meet would be in the afternoon, I don’t think they open to early. Would like to connect, our phone numbers are listed.

      • You and your family moved around lot! Where did you end up going to high school? I will look up your phone number as soon as I know my travel plans in June. I may be traveling with a sister or two. Is there a motel in New Rockford? It is a long haul from IL to ND. Last time I was through Bremen the Tavern was not open, Probably about mid afternoon. Hopefully it is still operating. How did Gary end up going to Washington? Don’t know what kind of weather you have, but we had a full blown blizzard here. Drifts all over. Will talk again.

        • Hi Beverly, I graduated in 1963 from Unity high school a combination of 3 schools. Gary was the last one to graduate from Niagara in 1960,he had 7 in his class. I had 24 in mine. there is one motel in New Rockford called The Bison Lodge cheaper but clean. We have stayed in Carrington at the Cobblestone Inn,more money but continental breakfast. I called the Bremen Bar 1-701-947-5594 they said they open about 4:30 pm. We have had a mild winter not a lot of snow in the mountains.probably have a water shortage this summer. Gary joined the Navy out of high school and was stationed in Bremerton Wash,and stayed here. I came out in1974,and my parents came shortly after.Tell me more about your family? You left Minot in 1960. What year did you leave Bremen? Why move to IL,for work? I miss a great big snow storm that lasts for 3 days or so.

          • Hi Lonnie,I figure we left Bremen around 1949 or 1950. I left Minot as a result of marrying a Airman from the Minot Air Force Base, his home was Rockford, IL. We eventually divorced and he moved to Las Vegas & I chose to stay in IL. I now live in Rockton, north of Rockford just below the WI border. Gary & I were in first grade together but I graduated in 1959. I had lunch with my Sister, Joanne yesterday and she wondered if you remember the Beeckler girl she played with. She thought her name was Barbie. They lived in the country west of town, I think! Just for fun, I googled your and Gary’s home towns and thought you must live in beautiful country. Lots of forest preserves and parks. It is very wooded where I live too.Joanne wondered if you remember Oluva Klutz? She was a strange old lady that lived in the house between our’s and the back of your tavern. It is very cold and windy here today BRRRR. I recall one day many years ago at work, that I wished we could have a big blizzard. My co-workers told me to go back to ND & wish for it LOL

  22. Hi Beverly, I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Gary does remember the Beeckler girl,but only that she lived out of town. I only remember the Beeckler name. Yes we do have a lot of green and forest here but we get a lot of rain in the winter. We were in Bremen a couple years ago and the Klutz house was still there it had a bunch of junk inside. I can still picture her walking to the store,she was old then. I have been watching the weather news it looks like you have had a bad winter, we have had a nice winter with the temps being in the high 50’s and the low 60’s,and not much snow in the mountains. I read above in the comments that the Catholic Church was demolished, when we were back there we walked thru the church how sad it was a beautiful building. They still have services in the little Lutheran Church, we walked thru there too. I hope everything is well with you. Lonnie

    • Hi Lonnie, I am sorry also that I am late responding. I have been busy with travels. First to Las Vegas where my Niece and Nephew (Brother and Sister) got married in a double wedding. It was a huge family affair with over 70 of us there. My Sister and I stayed on for 10 days to take in the Nascar race then flew to Mesa, AZ where I have friends and went to the Nascar race there. I was pretty weary by the time I got back to IL. Although It was 90 degrees in AZ so a lot of time was spent in the pool. I am digging out pictures to show you when we meet in Bremen. I have a great one of Oluva Klutz house with the back of the tavern in view.

      later, Bev

  23. Hi, Beverly & Lonnie. Please pardon me for ‘eavesdropping’ on your conversations. So much fun to read your notes. I realize I lived in Bremen at slightly different years, but I do remember much of what you are writing. Beverly, from your 20 Jan note, I lived next to the Alfstads the entire time in Bremen ( from 1951 to 1960) Billy, Dennis and I had a ‘club-house’ between our homes, built from scrap lumber from the railroad box-cars. Arliss was my first-grade girlfriend. Shelline and Marlene both worked at my folks grocery store at times, and Diane Alfstad often ‘baby sat’ my little sister. My folks ran the grocery store those years. I do remember Oluva Klutz, I remember the day she died. I remember the Paul Schaffer place, Paul was the coach of our ‘Pony League’ baseball team when I was 10 or 11. Do you recall “Mrs. Twist” who lived in the house between the bar and the blacksmith shop? The “Anderson Kids” on the other side of the “pond” (we called it the slough) might have been Duane Anderson and Ada Anderson, my cousins. Yes, we also played “Fox & Goose” on the ice. I remember hearing of Donna Mae but I don’t recall her though my mother, Lorraine Larson, does. I remember Barbara Beuchler but she was 5 – 6 years older than me but I thought she was. . . . pretty. . When I was there in the later ’50s we had ‘Roller Skating night’ on Thursdays once a month. I was made to take p[iano lessons from Irma Omoth. I was confirmed at the Lutheran Church in Bremen though we belonged to Augustana several miles east and north. We moved to Valley City in Spring 1960. The Hagel’s (railroad depot managers) bought our house. I went to Valley City HS 1960 – 1963. Goodness, the more I write, the more names I remember. I may be passing through Bremen with my daughter & grand daughters about 24 of 25 June 2015. . . . Could be fun. . . .

    • Hi Terry and Lonnie, I sure did not consider you “eavesdropping” . I enjoy hearing from anyone familiar with Bremen. Is Troy Larson, the creator of this web-site, related to you? I remember falling out of the hay loft at the Anderson farm and knocking the wind out of myself. I do not recall Mrs. Twist, I cannot recall your house either. Where in the world did you roller skate? We went to Alfsteds when they lived along the tracks. They had catalogs and we would cut out paper-dolls for hours on end. I think I heard that Shelline was killed in a car accident many years ago. Do you know if that is true? I was through Bremen several years ago and was disappointed to see the school not there.Every time I returned to ND going to Minot, I would take pictures of the school. Last time I was there our old house was still standing but really in decrepit shape. It will be interesting to see it again. I talked to my Brother, Clyde, he resides in MT, last evening. He was born while we lived in Bremen and was baptized in the Trinity Lutheran Church. Nov. of 1949. He said his sponsor was a Manfred Bymoen. Do either of you know who that is? I am very flexible the week of June 22 as our reunion in Minot is the 27th. I would love to meet you and your families and remissness old times. I am also interested in any pictures from when Bremen was “booming” Let’s keep in touch!

      • Hi Beverly and Terry, Beverly I am also a big Nascar fan. Jimmy Johnson is my favorite, in the old days it was the terminater #3. I don’t know who Manfred Byomen was, but was in the Lutheran Church in Bremen a couple years ago and it is in great condition and still being used. It was easy to go inside the doors were unlocked. Our Church here in Washington doors locked alarm set and gate locked. When we lived in Bremen Larson managed the grain elevater, Vanetta run the depot,in the later years my Aunt Corrine Bower run the grocery store and post office. I remember the Twist name and the Alfsteds thats about it. I was watching the basketball tournaments here and there was a Piotz coaching. I tried looking up his phone # but it was unlisted. Well here is the news I need to tell you. My cousins husband passed away last week, and that is why we were going back. It was to be ther 25th celebration.also my wives niece had a heart attack and is on life support. We are on hold for now. I will keep in touch. Lonnie

        • Hi Lonnie,Terry too, Sure sorry to hear about your bad news. Hope your wife’s Niece will recover. Is your wife from ND also? The last time I was through Bremen I took pictures of the church but did not even think to try the door. We just assumed it was locked. I have been digging through old albums looking for Bremen pictures and think I have one with your old home in the background. Is the Schaffer house still there? Did you catch what team the Piotz coach was from? That would be funny if he was from the Family we knew. Do you recall the names of the brothers? I watched a lot of the tourney too but I was following WI, too bad they lost! The George M. Bymoen I asked you about died in New Rockford in 2000. He was 92 years old. Sure wonder how my parents knew him. I hope everything works out for you and your wife. I will be going through Bremen even if you cannot make it but sure would be fun to reminisce. keep in touch


          • Hi Beverly, My wife was born here and Washington, but has ties to N.Dak. Her niece is showing small improvement, but still 50-50 chance of recovery. Yes the Shaffer house looks just like it does in the photo, but I think the house you lived in is gone. I have been spelling Piotz wrong it is Piatz. Perry Piatz coaches girls basketball at Kindred Highschool, They were undefeated until the championship game,and they got beat. I believe he lives in Oxbow N.Dak close to Kindred south of Fargo. I don’t remember the boys names, but one of them could be the father of Perry. I think I found a phone # but am trying to get the nerve up to call. I still could make it back this summer. I was rooting for Wisconsin too. They got hosed. Great to see Kentucky get beat. Did you get any damage from the bad weather that came last week? Hope all is good with you.


  24. Hi Lonnie, sorry i am late responding to your post. Have been having computer problems, I guess that’s to be expected when I let my 12 year old great-nephew get on YouTube and mine-craft! Did you get the nerve to call the Piatz coach? That would be something if he was the son of one of the boys we knew. Just for fun I looked for you and Gary on Facebook. Pretty sure I found Gary but not you. We got a lot of wind and rain during the tornado but the worst was south of here. One little town got hit very hard. We are finally getting some decent weather this week should be close to 70, we’ll see. Hope all is better with your wife’s Niece. All is well here.

    Talk later, Bev

    • Hi Beverly, I have been fortunate to have talked to Larry Piatz the younger of the two brothers. Larry told me that he had two older sisters and the coach was a distant relative of his. I still have not decided if I will be back this year. We have decided not to be on Facebook. I am glad the bad weather missed you the tv report said it was heading straight to Rockton. Vicky’s Niece is showing very small improvement but 50-50.


      • Hi Lonnie, been a while since we corresponded. Summer is finally here. That was interesting news concerning the Piatz Family. I do not remember any Sisters, do you? I was planning on going to Bremen whether you and Vicky go or not. I was really looking forward to meeting you and she. I understand why you wouldn’t go with the death in your family and the illness of the Niece. This will probably be my last “swing” through Bremen as I am getting “up there in years” . Hope all is well with you and your’s.


  25. Hi Beverly, Well I am sorry to tell you this we have decided to wait a couple years before we come to N.Dak. this summer.I was really looking forward to meeting you, but we have been back twice in 4 years so we will wait a little longer. We can still keep in touch. I also was suprised that Larry said he had two sisters. I hope you have a safe trip and a great reunion.


    • Hi Lonnie, I am sorry i won’t get to see you and Vicky and reminisce the old days. I will take pictures of our old homes ( if they are still standing) our reunion should be fun. We are also camping and fishing, weather provided, at Lake Sacajawea. We have caught great Walleye there. I will write again after I get back here.


      Terry if you are out there, will you be in ND around the 24th? that’s when I plan on being in Bremen.

      • HI, Beverly. We had full plans for a North Dakota vacation, complete with reservations at campgrounds, however my wife had some complications with knee replacement and we won’t be making the trip this early summer. Maybe later, maybe next year. . .
        I have some photos of photos (not very good quality) that I would like to send to you. One was taken by one of Mom’s nephews from his ‘crop dusting’ airplane in the mid-late -50s. I don’t know how to send it via this ‘site’, Is there another way?
        My daughter and son-in-law plan to drive through Bremen on the 29th – 30th of June or so. They will take current day pictures. Hope to meet me day. Terry

  26. I am on Facebook. I looked up Terry Larson. Do you live in Warroad Minn? If so, I could send you a friend request and we could exchange addresses. I would love to have copies of old pictures. The only pictures I have of Bremen when we lived there are of my Brother and Sisters taken by my Aunt in our front yard. The Schaffer house is in the background. I sure hope to meet you one day as well as the Burndt Brothers.

    Beverly Doubek Peter

    • Hi, Beverly. What a good idea, except I have never learned “facebook”. However, my daughter does spend a lot of time communicating on “FB” and my wife reads a lot of FB. I will get one of them to connect with you. . . Terry

  27. Well, I am pretty rude. I didn’t mention that I was sorry to hear about your wife’s knee complications. I hope that she recovers OK. i will watch for a message on
    FB from your wife or daughter. I live in Rockton, IL. It is just below the WI border.

  28. Hi Lonnie and Terry, I am back safe and sound after my long journey to ND. Our Family reunion was great. I called the bar in Bremen before I left and they assured me they would be open, even took my name down to greet me! I arrived about 3:45. Stopped to take pictures of the church, it was open so I took pics of the inside. Three of my siblings were baptized there. A fellow came out from across the street and we visited for quite a while. The Bolingbegrs, that I wondered about, lived next door to him but they were in New Rockford to the Dr. I drove around, up the hill where the school once stood, then to our old home. It is still standing but the kitchen roof has collapsed. The old Schaffer house is still there too as well as Oluva Klutz’s. The bar opened a little early. they were expecting me. Then 3 other fellows came in and what a fun time I had with them. They knew of some of the people I asked about, but did not remember the Berndt’s or Piatz’s. I am going to develop the pics soon and will find a way to get the to you both. Maybe through the white pages if you are listed. I still hope we can all meet in Bremen some day!

    • Hi, Beverly. Thanks for the nice note. It just so happened that My daughter and her family were in Bremen on Monday, 29th of June. The were at a wedding in Bismark on the 27th. They took a few photos, one of my old home that was quite depressing. It was just in from Bollingbergs farm. IN fact, while they were driving around in there Minnie Winnie John Bollingberg stopped and talked with them. He even drove with them out to my Grandfather’s farm (H.T.arson). My kids were so impressed. However, there doesn’t seem to be much left of Bremen, or the farm, but memories. . . I will still try to find some way to share photos. . . . Terry
      P.S.: There is a YouTube of a song written by a high school friend of mine that really says it all. Check out “Bryde Nathan Risser” on YouTube. I really like it. It could be a theme song for “Ghosts of North Dakota”.

      • Hi Beverly and Terry, Beverly I am so glad you had a good time. My phone number is listed in the Auburn Washington phone book and look forward to some pictures. That is a well kept little church. I find it hard to believe they don’t lock it. Good old N. Dakota people. I also talked to Mr. Bollingberg a couple years ago,his son lives next door to the church in the old Lou Bower house. Bower owned the John Deere implement dealership that was straight across the street from you’re fathers blacksmith shop. Did you get the names of the guys in the bar? Who owns it? We will probably go back in the next couple years. We need to set another time so we can meet.

        Terry, When we lived in Bremen the elevator manager was Merle Larson. He left about the same time we did in the early 50’s. They were good friends of my parents,does that name sound familar, or are you related?


        • Hi, Lonnie. Yes, Merle Larson is familiar, if this is the same guy. His wife was Ardith and they had 3 boys, Dwight, David, and Douglas, when I last knew about them. I think he became elevator manager in Washburn or Williston, in the western part of the state. I don’t recall who was interim, but I recall Halverson took over. One of his kids was a class ahead of me at Bremen School #3 up on the hill. Oh, just a meangless bit, but I hauled water for the school my 4th,- 8th grades. Got the water from the pump in the meadow between my house and the school. . . Got paid $3.00 a month. . hmmmmm. Oh, yes, I remember Lou Bower, his son Robert Bower helped my father with ‘coaching’ our Pony-League baseball. Is John Bollingberg’s son named ?Eric? Lou Bower assumed some of the grocery business when my folks left the store in 1960. My family went to the Augustana Lutheran church, East and North of Bremen. My daughter was there on 29th of June. The outside looks great but birds are getting in and making a mess. I guess like all of our history, like our Bremen, it is slowly going away. “The Old House” stands alone and lonely . . . .” With respect, Terry.

          • Hi Terry, I talked to my brother Gary and he said Merle Larson did move to Washburn, N. Dak. In the old days businesses would hand out gifts to customers at Christmas,Merle gave my dad a nail puller crow bar, and engraved on it Bremen Elevator Bremen N. Dak. I still have it in my tool box. Robert Bower lives in Fargo, he was a track star at Oak Grove High School in Fargo in the day. Eric Bollingberg is the son of John. Lou Bower’s son and wife also ran the grocery store, they were my Aunt and Uncle. $3.00 a month, wonder what that calculates to per hour. How big were the containers and how many trips? I looked up the Augustana Lutheran church,wow what a beautiful building.


  29. Terry, I made a mistake Robert Bower lives in Grand Forks,and I failed to say Robert is cousins with Ron,Vicky,and Janet Bower if you remember them.


    • Hey, Lonnie, and Beverly. Yes, Robert Bower was one of my heroes back then. I recall he used to run (training) on the roads for miles all over around Bremen. I hit him in the face with a baseball, breaking his glasses, during a baseball practice. Ooooo, trouble! Paul Schaeffer coached the baseball team one or two of those years, as well. I remember Janet ,and I thought she was so pretty back then. . . . Thank you for bringing up names that trigger more and more memories. . . . Do you recall some of the ‘Omoths’? Ole and Irma?. Ole ran the gas station and my dad’s first job in Bremen was working with him delivering fuel and at the station. How about John Schuster(?) quite a character, had a drinking problem. Ran off the road a few times. . . . More to come, I guess. Thanks, Terry

  30. Hi Beverly and Terry, Terry did you throw or hit the ball that broke Robert ‘s glasses? I remember the name Paul Schaeffer thats about it. Baseball was big in Bremen in those days. The outfield fence line is still visable and the backstop is still there. I walked out in the area of home plate but was not able to locate it. the only other names I recall Irma and Jerome Omoths, Johnny Schuster, How about the Vanetta’s, they lived across the tracks from the elevator. Violet,Lyle,Bernice,Linda,Henry worked on the Great Northern R.R. The Fingerson’s out of town. I never went to school in Bremen,but starter in a one room school house in the country. You mention Bremen # 3. Where were Bremen # 1 and 2 ?


  31. Hi Lonnie and Terry, I sure am enjoying reading about the recollections between you two! Unfortunately, we did not live there very long and we must have led a sheltered life as I do not recall the ball diamond or a lot of the people you have mentioned.Terry,what a laugh it would have been if your daughter and I had been “cruising” around Bremen the same day. I don’t know about next year, but I will be back to ND around July 4th, 2017. Our homestead near Anamoose will be a 100 years old so my cousin is having a big celebration on the farm, This weekend I will be in Chicago for the 100 anniversary commemoration of the Eastland tragedy. Our Grandmother’s sister drowned along with 844 others. Hope you and your Families are well. Lonnie how is your wife’s niece doing?

    • Beverly, Thank you so very much for the great pictures of our old homes and Bremen, they kind of pulled at the Heart strings.The baseball field was located down the hill of the school. I will make every effort to make it back in 2017. What was the Eastland tragedy? My wife’s niece is in a nursing home,but making very small progress. she is off life support but can’t talk, she does know us when we visit. Who was that good looking lady standing in
      front of the house?????


  32. Hi all, I’m new to this post. What were the names of the churches in this town or those close by? I’m doing some family research on a birth in 1915. I’d like to find out where there records are. Thanks!

    • The church in Bremen is still active Trinity Lutheran. The Catholic Church in the country is gone St Joseph. Augustana Lutheran either Bremen or Sheyenne closed.

  33. Hi Lonnie and Terry. I laughed at your question Lonnie, that lady “WAS” me!! The years have not only taken a toll on our former homes but on me as well!! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Gary called and we had a good chat. I erred in telling him we were in first grade together, he was actually a grade ahead of me, in second grade. Terry, I think I have tracked you down through White Pages, is your middle initial k? and is your wife Karen? If so, I will send you my address so you can share the old pics your Mom’s Nephew took from his airplane. It has been very hot here with little rain. Hope you and your families are well.


    • Hi, Beverly. I was in first grade ’51-52 school year. Started with 4 in my class but Tommy flunked and had to repeat 2nd grade. (He didn’t seem to mind). So, 3 in my class 3rd – 8th grades. . . You might try my g-mail by Larson.terry.r@ . I would love to share some of the other OLD pictures, as well. . . . Things have gotten real busy for me around here, so be patient with me. Terry

  34. Hi again, I forgot to tell you about the SS Eastland. She was a steamer that was taking 2000 Western Electric employees to a company picnic. She listed and tipped over in the river killing 844. Some of the dead were rescuers trying to get the drowning people out. My father’s Aunt, Annie Bendik, was one of the dead. My Grandmother had to go through all the bodies to find and identify her. It was very traumatizing. Three of my sisters, my daughter and I went to the opening ceremony of the 100 year anniversary of the tragedy.There is a lot of information on the website.

  35. Hello Lonnie I am watching the news and am concerned that you and Gary and your family’s are not in harms way. I can’t believe how bad the forest fires are. Are you al lok?

    • Hi Beverly, We are fine we live a long way from there. We go over there every year and spend a couple days with them. They have a cabin on Lake Chelan and it is now in danger of the fire. Chelan is in eastern Washington across the Cascade Mountains from here. Not much going on here but very hot and dry. By the way I knew that was you in that picture and I am glad you got a laugh over my comments. Keep in touch. Good to here from you again.


      • Hi again Beverly, I failed to say when I say them it is friends of ours who live close to us here. The size of the lake is 50 miles long and the deepest part is over 1500 feet


        • Hello Lonnie, Terry and your Families , It has been awhile since we have communicated, however I want to wish you both, and Gary and his Family a very merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year!!

          • Hi, Beverly. Hi,Lonnie, I am just learning some of the facets of ‘facebook’ and therewith, I hope I can send a photo or two of Bremen. But, have patience, since I am slow to catch on to the tech-y world. My daughter and family met John Bollingberg while they were touring Bremen last summer. They had such a good time, and I had a good time hearing their tales of current-day Bremen. More to come, maybe thru ‘facebook’. Maybe by ‘old fashioned e-mail’.

          • Hi Terry and Lonnie, just returned from FL and am trying to catch up on computer stuff. I “Friended” you on Facebook (Terry) so we can exchange, share news there, or email or at this web site. It is always a joy to hear from fellow North Dakotan’s! You mentioned awhile back about some aerial views you may have from long ago. I will be very patient waiting for any pics you may have as I am not so “teck” smart either!! I missed seeing the Bollingberg’s when I went through last June, They were in New Rockford. I am off to CA next week. Take care !

  36. Did Bremen have its own light plant before Tri-County (now Northern Plains Electric) came to town in the 1930s / 1940s?

    I’ve never been to Bremen, but I knew someone who was from that area: William Hartl.

    • Dave, My Aunt was a Hartl from New Rockford close to Bremen and the name sounds familier. How do you know him, or did you come in contact with him? I Don’t believe Bremen ever had a light plant. Where did you come up with that idea?

  37. Bremen had a centennial book published back in 1988 called Bremen,North Dakota Yesterday and Today which has quite allot of history in it.I’m originally from Bremen also.My mom Alvina Roemmich got the book for us.Don’t know where you would find this many years later.

  38. Hi I’m new to this,but sure enjoyed reading everybody s stories.I grew up just north of town by the slough,where we ice skated . Attended all 8 yrs of grade school up on the hill, Bremen #3 lot of the teachers stayed at Terry Larson’s folks place
    I remember the elevator picnics and gopher days at the hall across from the grocery store and Bower’s store. We also roller skated at the hall and lots of good dances. The Omoth orchestra was the best.

    • I have been following your and Terry’s emails. I remember going to your farm to play. I think your brother was my age. I remember falling through the hay mow in the barn and knocking the wind out of myself. I asked about your Family when I was in Bremen last year but the folks did not have much information.

      • I have lived in Jamestown for almost 43 yrs, my brother Donald Duane lives in New Rockford and my sister Doris lives in Carrington.

  39. Hi, cousin! I’m glad you found this site. There are a few new friends you will ‘meet’ on this site. I wish we had taken a few more photos way back then. Will plan to drive through Bremen in a couple of weeks. C.U.Terry

  40. My father grew up in Bremen. He was born in 1914. My grandfather was the station master for the railroad. Lars Holme. Anyone know about where they serviced the train there?

    • Hi, Ellen. I probably do not have any helpful information for you however, my father, born 1919, son of H.T. Larson, lived on farms near Bremen until about 1950 or 1951 when we moved into Bremen. For about 8 – 9 years my folks ran the grocery store in Bremen. As a grade school kid, mid 1950s, I recall playing with a friend whose folks managed the train depot. It was fun to watch the “37” roar past the station master windows. The depot is not there anymore. (Neither is Bower’s implement shop, Mrs. Twists’s house, the blacksmith shop, the town hall, Ole Omoth’s gas station, the folk’s grocery store, the school, etc) Histeory going away. . . ? What years might have your Grandfather managed the station?

  41. Hi,
    My grandfather was gone by the 50’s, don’t know when. My father left Bremen to attend high school in New Rockford, graduated in 31 or 32 . He then went on to ride the rails and the rodeo circuit, till he met my mother in Peirre South Dakota. Grampa was found drowned in a reservior nearby,[ possible foul play]. Lars and Jenny where gone before I was born. My father died when I was young as well. Just a lot of empty holes in that side of the family.

  42. I just found this site, and I’m fascinated by it. My family’s name was mentioned a couple times (Halvorson). I lived in Bremen from approx. 1955? to 1970; then Fargo 1970 – 1972, then US Army from 1973 – 1993; in Oregon since then. My Dad was manager of Bremen Elevator while we lived there. I have fond memories of many of the things I’ve seen mentioned: ‘Gopher Tail Days’, Elevator Day, and baseball. Friends in and around Bremen included the Bower, Alfstad, Schaeffer, Bergrud, Roemmich, Hitz, Becvar, Pranke, Buechler, and Bollingberg faimilies. I worked for John Bollingberg a couple summers while I was in High School. He still lives in Bremen. I played baseball with Allmaras, (spelling?), Lies, and Schuster kids. We were there when Lou Bower ran the store; Donna Mae and Ramie ran the bar. My sister Becky still lives in Bremen and my brother Jeff lives in New Rockford. I try to get back there every few years, and really wish I could be back there a lot more.

  43. Hi, Scott. Are you brother to Douglas? I recall ‘Dougie’ was in the class ahead of me, with Billy Alfstad and Emily Arendt. I recall your Dad made a motorized ‘merry-go-round’ in your yard. Lots of fun. I left Bremen in 1960. I think I may be through Bremen again in summer 2018 sometime. Regards, Terry

    • Hi Terry.
      Sorry, I’m not sure I remember you, I guess you are a little older than me (I’m 64). Yes, Douglas was my brother. He died in Dec 2015. Then came Jeff (he’s 67), then me. That was my Dad (Norris Halvorson) who built the merry-go-round. I hadn’t thought of that in a long time, many fond memories of it. My sister, Becky Anderson, still lives in Bremen. She is married to Ronnie Anderson; his family farmed near Bremen. Jeff lives in New Rockford. Let me know if you knew them or still remember them. I could get you their email addresses and you could contact them before your trip back there next year. OR, you could look them up on Facebook.

      • Hi, Scott. I’m very sorry to hear about Douglas. I vaguely remember Jeff but, you? I just don’t recall. I will try to let you know the next time I will be in the area, maybe you could get us in touch with Becky and Jeff, and You, too of course. Please see the notes from Beverly. She is from a few years before us but that could be a fun reunion at the bar. .. e-mail: Thanks. Terry

  44. Hi Lonnie, Terry and Gary and all Bremen Folk. My Sisters and I will be traveling through Bremen on Friday, June 30th, 2017 on our way to a 100 year anniversary of our family farm near Anamoose. My cousin still lives there.Should be quite a pow-wow.
    We are timing our trip to be in Bremen around 4:oo when the bar opens, if it is still there.If any of you are in the area, it would be great to meet and reminisce.

    • Dear Beverly. Oh, That sounds like so much fun! It would be nice to have a ‘Bremen reunion’ however, I don’t think we will be in the area at that time. I hope there will be another chance or two wherewith we can get together at the Bremen Bar. (As of last July, the bar was still there. . .) Hope to see you. . .

      • Hi Terry, I knew it was a long shot that anyone would be around. When you and wife plan your next trip around there, I will plan a ND trip. I do have a few years on you and Scott, I will be 76 this year.

  45. I don’t remember Beverly’s or Lonnie’s names. I left Bremen in 1970 to go to NDSU in Fargo. Then I left No Dak in 1973 to join the Army. I haven’t lived there since then, though I try to make it back every few years for family events. My sister Becky (Halvorson) Anderson still lives in Bremen. She’s a youngster, only 56. She is married to Ronnie Anderson. I think he may have gone to school in Sheyenne; I’m not sure. My brother Jeff lives in New Rockford, he’s 67. John and Margaret Bollingberg live in Bremen, across from the church. I don’t know of anyone else living in Bremen. The Bremen Bar is still operating. I think the owner lives around Fessenden, but I’m not sure.

    • Hi Scott, I went through Bremen several years ago and the church was open I went in and took pictures as two of my siblings were baptized there. I think Bollingbergs were the sponsor of one of them. The bar was open so I went in and socialized, what fun. I think the owner is from Carrington. We will stop again June 30th on our way to Anamoose for the Farm reunion. We left Bremen around 1950 or so.

  46. I don’t remember Beverly’s or Lonnie’s names. I left Bremen in 1970 to go to NDSU in Fargo. Then I left No Dak in 1973 to join the Army. I haven’t lived there since then, though I try to make it back every few years for family events. My sister Becky (Halvorson) Anderson ( still lives in Bremen. She’s a youngster, only 56. She is married to Ronnie Anderson. I think he may have gone to school in Sheyenne; I’m not sure. My brother Jeff ( lives in New Rockford, he’s 67. John and Margaret Bollingberg live in Bremen, across from the church. I don’t know of anyone else living in Bremen. The Bremen Bar is still operating. I think the owner lives around Fessenden, but I’m not sure.

  47. Hi, My name is Toni Gallagher. My Father grew up in Bremen in the 1940’s. His name was Wayne Omoth. His legal name was Lewis Wayne Gallagher. Do any of you remember him or his brother Gerome? I am looking up our ancestry. I am trying to figure out if my Grandmother was married to his Father in Bremen. I know she married his step-father Tony Omoth in Bremen. Any help would be appreciated.

  48. Hello all,
    I grew up on a small farm 5 miles NW of Bremen, In 1962 we moved to the big town of Bremen proper. I started school in Bremen when it was a 2 room school. before the 5th grade the powers that be decided we lived in Norway lake township and had to attend that school. When we moved to Bremen, the school had become one room. I believe Mrs. Doris Ambers was our teacher. I graduated 8th grade with Diane Hitz and Jerry Alfstad. I have many wonderful memories of childhood. Many Saturday nights spent sleeping in our car while our parents attended dances in the hall across the street from the bar (many other children did the same), I think us kids had more fun than our parents! I also remember the gopher days, with the foot races, (everyone got a ticket for candy at the store), I never won a race but it was fun. I remember the elevator picnics with the pop and ice cream. I remember the roller skating in the hall. I also remember a fellow that came by and would tune the piano in the hall, he played by ear and was just wonderful, don’t remember his name. I remember the baseball games and how us girls weren’t allowed to play on a regular team but we all got to participate ‘sandlot’ baseball and had a great time playing with the boys. I remember playing hide & seek with the streetlight by the NE corner of Halvorson’s as the base. On those summer nights we were out till dark. I remember sledding down the school hill, the water left over from the school each day was poured down the hill and made a fine sheet of ice to slide down on! All wonderful memories.

  49. My Grandfather Art Seastrand rode a buggy from Sheyenne over to Bremen for some fair or threshing contest because there was a foot race.
    He won the race and Five dollars and then went home with new found wealth, this was before WW1.
    He was known as the “fastest man in North Dakota”

  50. From 2010 to date of this post April 10, 2021, the home formerly owned by the Hibbish family is actively haunted according to the current owner, with ghostly impression and EVPs, electronic voice phenomenon the current owner shares online. There is a Paranormal Supernatural blog and Ghost Hauntings Recon websites with multiple ghostly impressions and shares EVPs on YouTube logs. Bremen is not just a ghost town, it’s actively haunted.

  51. Our school bus served Bremen. Bowers, Alfstads, Bergruds, Omoths and Halversons all got on there about a dozen or so at one time. Had a lutheran church(I went to church at St Joseph’s catholic 3 miles south of Bremen0, a post office/general store, grade school(up until about 1970), prosperous elevator and a bar in the 60’s and early 70’s. Also once a year they would have a celebration called “Flickertail Days” where all the farm boys would bring their jar of gopher tails that they had hunted or trapped and redeem them for 10 cents apiece

    Will go back this summer.

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