The Town That Never Was: Rival, North Dakota

Rival, ND is a town that never was. It was established with the intent of being a “rival” to nearby Lignite, hence the name. However, no development of significance ever took place. Rival’s post office opened in 1907 and closed only two years later in 1909. Wylora Christianson contributed this photo with the following comments:

All that is left of Rival is the elevator which is to be torn down soon, so went and got a picture of it.

Rival, North Dakota

It looks like this elevator was built entirely of wood (like this elevator in Roseville), and at some point in the past, the top was replaced with a more modern, galvanized metal roof. That roof likely extended the life of this place by a couple decades.

Rival, North Dakota

As of August, 2013, this elevator was still standing. If anyone has an update on whether this elevator has now been torn down, please leave a comment.

Photo by Wylora Christianson. Original content copyright © Sonic Tremor Media

11 thoughts on “The Town That Never Was: Rival, North Dakota

  1. I’m not sure if I have the story right, but my grandma who lived a couple miles from Rival, said that the town was burned down by angry wives of husbands who spent too much time in the bar there!


  2. My great great grandmother had built a hotel there. My great grandma used to tell me of trading with Indians outside of town by some trees, then going into town and getting the things they needed.


  3. Is this a Christianson related to Edith Christensen Durick? That was Daniel’s great grandmother, who’s husband who worked in the grain elevator. Daniel and his sister, Kathy Durick still own it.

    Heather and Daniel Durick


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