Nielsville Bridge Drone Flyover Video

A while back we posted a blog about the Nielsville/Cummings bridge over the Red River between Cummings, North Dakota and Nielsville, Minnesota. The bridge has deteriorated significantly and is presently closed pending replacement by a new bridge.

Max Schumacher (YouTube Channel here) recently visited and sent us an email to share the drone video he captured. It’s amazing footage of this historic Red River crossing, and it’s available in HD too, so if you have the capability, stream it to your largest TV for full effect.

Video by Max Schumacher. Original content copyright © Sonic Tremor Media

7 thoughts on “Nielsville Bridge Drone Flyover Video

  1. I wish this beautiful footage would help North Dakota realize they need to pitch in and provide the funding to fix that beautiful bridge. It is costing farmers thousands upon thousands weekly in transportation costs as they sometimes have to drive nearly 20 miles several times a day for a detour. It leaves community members with a headache trying to get from point A to point B. Minnesota is willing to put up the funding but North Dakota won’t. Please North Dakota- save that bridge!!!


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