Lonely High Cliff Country School

High Cliff School

Don Collings sent us these photos of High Cliff School with the following comments:

These are views of High Cliff School in Cow Creek Township, about 20 miles northwest of Williston. I attended this school with my brothers and sister (the Collings’ kids, along with the Haven’s, Barkie’s, Benth, Kjos and Brothers kids. The school reopened in 1953 and closed in 1961. To my knowledge it is still standing.

Ghosts of North Dakota is a wonderful web site. Keep up the great work.

High Cliff School

Of all the remote country schools in North Dakota, this one is one of our favorites for the beautiful setting.

High Cliff School

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Photos by Don Collings. Original content copyright © Sonic Tremor Media

4 Comments on “Lonely High Cliff Country School

  1. My Uncle, Willis Watson, came from Williston, maybe he went to this school?

  2. My grandmother Claudia Slind taught at High Cliff School 1927-1929.

    • Does anyone know if this is the same school as the “Cow Creek School?” There is supposed to be a school right near the cow creek cemetery on 145th avenue northwest, but I can’t tell on google earth if it is the same one or not. I would like to take some pictures of it when I’m out there next week. Could someone let me know? Thanks,

      John Piepkorn

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