All That Remains of Grand Harbor

This school house still stands, right off Highway 2, between Devils Lake and Rugby. If you make that drive, you’ll see it just north of the highway. To our knowledge, it is the only remaining original structure from the town that once was Grand Harbor, ND

Grand Harbor, North Dakota

Grand Harbor was founded in 1882 on Teller’s Bay, Devils Lake, and moved one mile north to this location in 1897 to be near the railroad junction. Anything that might have remained in the original location would now be underwater due to the rise of Devils Lake. A suspiciously large population count, 225, was recorded in 1890, but tallies in subsequent years never surpassed 50 residents.

Grand Harbor, North Dakota

Hancock Concrete now occupies the adjoining plot of land, and there is also an occupied home or two on-site.

Grand Harbor, North Dakota

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Grand Harbor, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © Sonic Tremor Media

10 thoughts on “All That Remains of Grand Harbor

  1. I have been in this building-it had been used as an antique shop for years. As far as I know, it is now closed.


  2. Around October 2017 we had the opportunity to have the Grand Harbor School house. We eagerly accepted it, and we have moved it to 6 mile bay on a hill overlooking the lake. We are hoping to restore it, the hardwood floors the tin ceilings and all the chalk board will remain as they are. It will be a labor of love. I have always wanted to do something with this grand old building echoing with history. It may take a few years, but someday others can visit this vintage time capsule with a home, a new purpose and a new view


  3. Thank you for this site. My mom was born one mile north of Grand Harbor December 12, 1907. They moved to Alberta in 1909 so she was only two years old when they left. My grandparents had lived there for many years arriving there from Illinois in 1884.


  4. So glad to find your site. My grandparents (Henry JC Richter famiy) lived very close, or adjoining the school property around 1882. It thrills me to think my grandmother would have gone to school there with her siblings. They had 160 acres. She left Grand Harbor when she was married and moved to Devils Lake in 1904. Are there more photos of those years, or books, memories? As a family historian I am excited to get any little bit and piece of history! Thank you.


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