Postcards from the Edge of North Dakota

This is a simple truth. There is no greater pleasure per penny than searching through a box of old postcards in an antique store. A little hard on the lower back if you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes, but pleasurable none-the-less. Here are a few old postcards featuring scenes from Marmarth.

Marmarth, North Dakota

Year of the above photo is unknown but I’m guessing early 1930s. Look closely — on the left, behind the grassy median, several black sedans are parked. And on the right, a horse waits for it’s rider to return. This photo postcard provides some insight into the original location of the depot, and the 1st National Bank/Barber Auditorium building we photographed on our first trip to Marmarth is visible on the left.

Marmarth, North Dakota

A great slice of life from old Marmarth. Everybody’s dressed to the nines, the fountain is going, and there are trains in the background.  The effort that went into this photo!

Marmarth, North Dakota

Above: Marmarth High School. It no longer stands.

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7 thoughts on “Postcards from the Edge of North Dakota

  1. My mother lived in Marmarth as a school girl. It was around the time of the end of the 1st World War. I visited there with her in 1959 and in more recent years. I noticed an outdoor jail that my grandfather may have visited a time or two. I live in North Dakota now. I would appreciate any and all information there is about the town.


  2. I grew up 12 miles north of Marmarth. My dad graduated from hi school there. An excellent source of information about Marmarth is the Slope Saga.


  3. I noticed the tent on the right edge of the picture, My GGrandmother used to speak of the ladies changing tents. From the good outfits to the play and cooking outfits.


  4. My Uncle Jim and Aunt Gena Lloyd were from Marmarth and ran the hotel! I remember going to visit my cousin Carol. Even back in the 60’s and 70’s the town was small and quaint.


      1. I did know she died. So sad. I would have loved to see her once again. I wish there were some photos of the hotel. I’d love to put them in our family genealogy


  5. I went through Marmarth about 10 years ago and there was a fantastic museum. Wish I had spent more time in it but as usual said I would go back.


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