The “City” of Leal, North Dakota

Leal, North Dakota

Leal is a small town in Barnes county, an hour northeast of Jamestown, or 73 miles northwest of Fargo. It was founded in 1892, and incorporated as a village in 1917, but in 1967, North Dakota eliminated the “village” and “town” incorporations in the state, making all incorporated places “cities.” So, today, Leal is a “city” with a population density of 142 residents per square mile. Sounds like a hoppin’ place, right? Not really. The population density figure is a mathematical quirk of a city with an area of .14 square miles and a population of 20 in the 2010 census.

Our stop in Leal was quick and we found just a little to photograph… a few select buildings and an abandoned farmstead outside of town.

Leal, North Dakota

We can only guess from the construction of the building above that it was once the fire station in Leal’s early days.

Leal, North Dakota

On the edge of town, an abandoned farmhouse which was once quite impressive.

Leal, North Dakota

If you’re coming out the door, watch out. That first step off the porch is a lulu.

Leal, North Dakota

Leal, North Dakota

The barn out back is full of salvaged material.

Leal, North Dakota

What do you know about the “city” of Leal, North Dakota? Please leave a comment below.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © Sonic Tremor Media

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  1. The “general store” building was torn down a few years ago. I remember having to clear on the siding there to meet a train and going over to the store for an ice cream bar. That was in the late 70’s, The store closed around that ime too.

    • My great grandmother lived in Leal. I used to go to the general store back in the 60’s and 70’s. There was an abandoned school, a little fire station and a church. The general store was also the gas station, post office and about once a month a barber would stop by and give haircuts. I haven’t been there for at least thirty years.

  2. Anyone know the purpose of the round hole in the concrete foundation by the porch?

  3. My Family (Willson) lived in Leal for many years, in the 1950’s I spend alot of time there in the summers. At that time my Grandfather ran the post office attached to his house. Buildings I remember: the School house (I went to 3rd grade there) Willies Merchantile, Old Post Office, Bank building on Corner, Community Hall, Hardware Store, Masons or KOC hall, Church (Methodist), Firehall (shown above), LumberYard, Halter’s Auto, Elevators, Train Station and a number of houses.

    • Ken, by any chance did you have a relative by the name of Edith Willson who married a man named Lewis Myers? They would have had 2 children, Howard and Ialene. My mother’s family, Myers, are from Leal. Her brother Lewis married Edith Willson. We recently returned from a trip out there for a family reunion. If you have pictures of Leal when it still had the school, church, store, etc I would love to see them. Also if you have any information about locals there it would be appreciated. My mom is 91 and made the trip from WI with us for the reunion. She would love to see photos of her home town again. We are traveling back out there in a month or so to look up relatives, etc. Any information you might have would be appreciated.

    • You might remember my grandma & grandpa Harry & Sofie Peterson who lived right down the road from town. I spent time with them on their farm when i was young, very cool place & i have great memories of those days

  4. Is the high school still standing? My grandma was telling me she played a bball game there and u had to climb down a ladder to get to the gym…

    • They tore the school down a long time ago. We used to play in it when it was abandoned & i always thought that gym in the basement looked like a pool when i was really young.

      • My brother and I took the school down in about 1971. We filled the basement with Bernard Rondestvedt’s cars. (my father-in-law) I wish I had some of those cars now!

        • I can remember Dad talking about that! WOW. Lots and lots of memories!!

  5. My family was one of the last to live in the general store building. We left in 86/87 (or at least my folks and brothers did). I graduated from North Central of Barnes in 1985 and went on to fargo/moorhead and places beyond. I was sad to hear the store was torn down, the two years I spent there was unique, with the grain trains shaking my bed in the middle of the night! Very nice little town, with nicde people, oh yes, I did attend the methodist church in town too. Mike Crittenden

  6. Jim, this is your Mom’s cousin Virgil Haugen. I remember playing at Aunt Sophie’s house with you and your brother Jeff. Many great memories. I talk to your Uncle Don often.We also saw your Mom and Dad at the Haugen Cousin Reunion in Whapeton in Aug. I drove through Leal after leaving Marg and Gile Gazetties farm. That isn’t your Grandparents house in the above pictures is it?

    • i wonder if anyone remembers my cousins the arnold dilts family. they lived outside town a bit. i used to stay with them during the summers. my dads family was from wimbledon and my moms family was from courtenay. kuhlmanns and rapps.

      • Bill, My cousin Ron Dawson used to run around with Laddy Dilts.

    • Hi Virgil. Im Jim Wilkins , Mary & Wards son. The pictures are not of my grandparent farm. The farm house, garage & barn are still there, but its changed alot over the years. I was in Leal this summer for the first time in 20 yrs & had a hard time recognizing anything. I also have great memories of Leal, grandma & grandpa Peterson & great grandma Haugen. Thanks for e-mailing me back. Take care

      • Was this the Charles Peterson that had filed a patent for a fire alarm in 1914?

  7. Hi Jim. Wish I could have seen the family house when I was in Leal. Be nice if you could make it to the cousin reunion in 2014.

    • Hi Virgil.The reunion sounds like fun. We havent been able to make the other ones, but will try to make it in 2014

      • Will be great to see you again. I’m living in Tucson Az. Where are you?

        • Im living in Minneapolis Mn. We were in Az. 2 yrs ago for vacation. What a great state!

        • Mr, Haugen, My GrGreat Grand Aunt Bertha Lillevang Lee Oglesby is buried in Leal Cemetery. Her brother, Ole Lillevang Lee was married to a Mina Haugen, making her my Great Grandmother. Mina was sometimes called Minnie. Ole & Mina settled in Mountrail County in western ND. We know very little about her roots or the Haugen family. It’s a long shot, but I’ wondering if Mina was any relation to you.

          I hope this message finds you well

  8. My Grandmother was born in Leal, ND 1910. Her father ran the train depot,his name was Thomas Twiselton.

    • My parents and Grandparents lived in Leal back in the 50″s and 60″s. The old house remained for several years and it was and annual trip to come back to “revisit.” My Grandfather Carl Brandt ran heavy equipment for
      the county in the 30’s maybe and the 40’s. My Grandmother Caroline Brandt, later Flewell remained in Leal after my grandfather’s death. My favorite memories were visiting from Nebraska, and checking on on my Grandparents neighbor. A retired sailor from Norway. Loved his accent. His first name was John, can’t recall his last name. My parents are Leonard and Bea (Marilyn) Everson. We moved to Nebraska in 1965. We made trips back every summer and actually had other relatives move back into the area on the Everson/Rhondsevedt (spelling ?)side. Rocky and Charlene! 🙂

      • My mother Shirley Trudeau White lived in Leal in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s graduating from high school in there in 1943. There were only two students in the class of 1943, my mother and a Vernon Anderson. My mother said she lived across the street from the old firehall pictured above. The house she lived in was later sold and moved outside of town onto a farm. She said they paid $7.00 a month rent. She said the Brandts were friends of her parents Leo and Agnes Trudeau. My mother has a friend a Ruth Westin Van Duesen that also grew up in Leal. Her parents were Lawrence and Olava Westin. My mother said they knew Marilyn Brandt and her two older sisters. The Westin’s and Agnes, Yvonne and Shirley Trudeau moved to Washington State in the mid 1940’s. In the photos of the house above that is probably a well next to the back porch. My mother said they had a well next to their back porch with a hand pump in the kitchen. The had no running water, just the pump.

        • Dan, my mother has a friend Ruth Westin Van Duesen also! We recently travelled to Leal while in Jamestown for a Myers family reunion. My mom is 91 and we were able to get her to Leal to see her home farm, the cemetery and what is left of Leal. Some of the names my mom remembers are Willson, Abrahamson, Nelson, Peterson, Lundy. Her brother married Edith Willson. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated, any memories at all.

          • Pam, I’m the youngest (71) of Alver and Lillian Abrahamson’s 4 kids and our farm was a mile north and a mile east of Leal. I pedalled my bike into Leal a million times. Now our old farm is almost under water from the resurrgence of a body of water called 10 Mile Lake. The Indian people always call it right, because I had an old Indian friend who had a vision and told of troublesome times for Devils Lake years and years ago. Turns out the elder was 100% correct in his vision. When you were old enough to haul grain to the elevator in Leal, it was kind of a “right of passage” because you could go in the Leal Bar for a beer and a shot followed by a pickled egg in a quart jar on the bar. Patrons just used their fingers to get the eggs out of the jar! I married JoAnn Christenson from Rogers, and now we find ourselves celebrating our 50th anniversary on August 21st. Ahhhhhh, the memories. This is so cool. Hope it keeps on.

          • That is the same Ruth. My mom talks to her on the phone about once a month. My mom is 90 now. I went to Leal last Sept just to see it. My grandfather and other relatives are buried in New Rockford. I took a ton of pictures. I guess my mom lived across the railroad tracks from the school. There are still a few houses there which you probably saw but her house was gone.

          • Hi Dan,
            My mom, sister and I just returned from ND for another family reunion. My mom is 93 and this will likely be her last trip out there. But this was a fun trip with her telling stories of Leal and the school there. We toured through Rogers, Leal, Wimbledon and Dazey with stories from her about each place we went. Priceless memories!! She didn’t attend the all school reunion this time since Ruth was not able to be there this year. We did make a trip to Lisbon ND on our way home to see a schoolmate–Elmer Cassatt. It was a great trip for her this time and we were also able to drive in to the Old Myers farm, the owner was in the front when we stopped to take photos and he allowed us to come in and take photos of the old barn. We had such a great time and got some great pictures of the Leal elevators. I loved your story of going to the bar for beer and pickled eggs! What great memories! Thank you again for the Leal information, much appreciated!

          • Ron, my mom remembers you from past reunions for the school. She knows your older siblings and mentioned she met you at a reunion, possibly when Leal had their centennial celebration. She told me this morning of how she loves to visit the museum in Valley City because the old pipe organ from Leal is there. Mary Elizabeth Willson used to play it. Mary was the mother of my aunt Edith Willson Myers, married to my uncle Lewis, whom I never got to meet. Your stories of Leal and the elevators are wonderful! I remember going to Leal as a young child when the store and all were still there but being a farming family we didn’t get out there very often. So my memories are few and with only photos taken in years past and my mom’s retelling of things that were there. She is 93 and likely won’t make another trip out there from WI unfortunately. Keep telling the stories because without those with memories those stories are all lost! Thanks for sharing! By the way, my mother also remembers your wife but can’t remember why or where they may have met. Love hearing her stories of Leal and the surrounding areas there.

          • Pam and Dan, maybe you might be able to help me. I work at the Barnes County Museum in Valley City, ND. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on a North Dakota Women at war research project. While researching I found out that Ruth Westin was a cadet nurse during WWII and her sister Martha worked in the Navy Shipyards as a Rosie. I was wondering if your parents had any school photos that have Ruth or Martha in them. I believe Martha graduated in 1940 and Ruth in 1942.

      • His name was John Wanvik, he lived in a little white house on the northwest corner of town. He was our neighbor. Bus & Agnes Didier

  9. I just found this site and was excited to see these photos of Leal. My mother (Patricia Shape) grew up on a farm around there and graduated from North Central in 1964, I believe. When I was younger we used to go visit my grandparents(Lorraine and Russel Shape). My mother passed away in 1996 and I haven’t been been in that area since then. It is so great to see these photos.

    • Lori,

      I remember your grandparents, they lived just south of my grandparents, Harold and Eleanor Martinson. I used to go to your grandparents to play with your aunts/uncles when my grandparents went to visit. The barn was so big! I went past their farm not long ago, it’s fun to remember going there.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I graduated from North Central in 1967 with your Aunt Susan Shape. It’s fun reading all the comments and seeing the great photos.

  10. Pam, My husband and I recently bought the old Abrahamson farm, it was pretty overgrown. On Memorial day weekend we were out there and met a woman (Shirley Abrahamson) who stopped to see the farm she grew up there and was able to give us a little history it was a nice visit. Gerald Willson and his wife live just to the south of us

    • Jeanne, I am not sure where that farm is but I’m sure my mom remembers. I will mention it to her and see what she knows. That is great that you got some history from Shirley Abrahamson! Please share that you learn, I would love to know more about the area. Where is the farm in relation to the old school and the cemetery? I am familiar with that area the most.

  11. Just reading Larry Woiwode’s “Through the Bedroom Wall” and Leal has a prominent place. I’m not from N.D. but for all of you from the area you might enjoy it. Other towns in the area also figure in; e.g. Wimbleton, Valley City, Hyatt.

  12. I was in Leal in September for the first time in 30 years. It really is a ghost town. I’m not sure when my family moved there, maybe late 1910″s. My great grandparents were Lena and Herman Cassatt. He was a blacksmith. They had a bunch of kids. Clarence had a farm near there and then moved back into Leal. My uncle, Elmer Cassatt lived there until the general store closed and has lived in Vallley City since then. Any information you could give me about the family would be great. My grandma’s house was across the tracks from the store and nothing is left of it….. a bit of a gravel drive and grass. It was sad, as I had great memories visiting there as a kid.

  13. My dad along with Elmer cassatt swatted swallows in the grain elevator. I do have some news letters the kids made when they were in school. If you would like I can make a copy for you

  14. I graduated from North Central of Barnes in 1965. Tom Cassatt was in my class. The consolidated school is made up of Leal, Rogers and Dazey. Tom’s sister was a year ahead in my brother’s class. I know that Tom lived in Fargo but moved to Washington state when he retired.several years ago. I don’t know his parent’s names but as far as I know his was the only Cassatt family in Leal at that time. He had at least 2 sisters but I don’t remember any brothers. I was from Dazey but knew a lot of the folks from Leal.

    • Iris… the Cassatt sisters names are Sharon & Mary Ann. They live in Bismarck. Sharon was a neighbor of mine when we first moved to Bismarck. Mary Ann lives on a farm southeast of town. I went to LEAL school thru 6th grade. Remember going to Lobergs store after school whenever mom was late to get us. Lots of memories reading these comments. Our family farm was 5 miles northeast of town… Monroe & Edna Anderson. I remember lots of the names of people mentioned here.

  15. Lori,

    My Grandparents Harold and Elsie Grotberg (Elsie was your grandmother Lorraine’s sister) lived just across the field from the Shapes. I was telling my kids this morning that during harvest one year, I had a sleepover (around 1970) with your mom, Pat. I don’t remember ever doing that besides that one time. The kitchen in that big house was always a fun place with the “boys” Marvin, Keith and Kevin! Nice memories!

    • It is so nice to hear these types of things. I haven’t been to my grandparents’ farm for about 12 years or so. But I do remember the kitchen very well. 🙂

  16. My family lived in Leal from the forties until 1968. Dad Bus Didier managed the grain elavator for the Jim Hayden family. Willie and Ester Loberg owned the grocery store. Duffy Willson was our Post Master. Tom, Mary Ann and I believe Kathy Cassett lived on the south side of the tracks by the elevator. Thier Uncle Julius worked for Dad . Betty and Jr. Jorrisen were nieghbors, Hilda and Cubby Anderson lived in town. Bill and Shirley Eagan lived in town with brother Jack just south toward highway # 9. I could go on and on. Great Friends, Great Memories, Great Childhood! Tom Didier North Platte Ne.

  17. I live and work in Valley City, My parents were from the Leal/Dazey area. Marilyn Rebhahn Newman,, Daughter of LEO and Viola Rebhahn . My mother told us of many stories of growing up there and her and Elmer and Cubby remained close friends until she passed away recently. I have the pleasure of seeing them every day as i am the cook at Kenny’s Restaurant in Valley City. Both of these gentlemen could tell anybody any information they may want to know about this area, as they often tell me stories yet to this day.

  18. My Dad worked on one of the farms near Leal in 1915. I just came across post cards, one to him and the other from him with the Leal, North Dakota postmark and address. He and another young man from here in Pennsylvania evidently answered an advertisement for farm workers and decided to go there for a season or so. More than likely it was the farthest away from home either one had been at that time. It was a major adventure for them. Dad often talked about the farming there and how when he encountered a dust storm he would have to unhitch the team and then lie down in a furrow until the storm passed. The horses would find their way to the barn and he would have to walk back to get them. I have no idea of who he worked for or stayed with. I was wondering if he left any “footprints’ there. His name was Chauncey Cochran, nickname of “Mick” or “Mickey”.

  19. Hi Glenn and others. My grandparents, Fred and Selma (Sally) Marble, were also working on a farm in Leal. They were there in 1911 as my grandmother put Leal, ND as her address on her sister’s death certificate who died in Duluth, MN. They had a daughter born in Valley City in June of 1916. I am assuming they worked in or near Leal from 1911 to 1916. In 1919 and thereafter, they were living in Minnesota. Also, a relative of my grandmother recalls cows being shipped via railroad from a farm in ND to MN. The place in MN could have been called Duluth, Palmers, or French River. Does any of this sound familiar to you or anyone else? I am hoping to hear from someone on this.

    • Fay, I am totally in the dark on this. It was only recently that I was able to pin down a town in North Dakota where my Dad had been in and around 1913 to at least 1915. I should have paid more attention or at least asked more questions while he was alive. With the size of town that Leal was I would guess that my Dad probably knew your grandparents. As far as I know he was only a year or two in North Dakota and then returned to Pennsylvania where he lived for the rest of his years.

      • Glenn, thanks for replying. Yes, I too wish I had asked more questions when they were alive. If I learn or hear of anything further about their time in Leal, I’ll post it here.

  20. Glenn and Fay, I live 3.5 miles north of Leal, I moved here from Maine last summer and bought the old Ernie farm, talk about an adventure! Being a history buff, i started my research on Leal and Wimbledon before I moved here. Check out, Leal was a community in Edna Township, and they have a map of Edna township showing Leal and all the surrounding farms and farm owners in 1915, another for the 30’s and also one from the 60’s. The Abrahamson farm was quite large and just outside of town, within walking distance for the post in Leal as were others in the 4 corners direction. You did not mention your relatives mode of transportation, but for the time, like my dad and granddad, they probably arrived by train, so they probably walked to town from whichever farm they were living and working on, there are also ariel photos online of Leal and Edna township, another close by was Lake Town Township, more towards Wimbledon to the west, and Uxbridge township. At least you will be able to see where they spent those couple of years. Aslo check the Cencus records, for the timeframe and township, they would have been interviewed for age, income and state of birth. Leave no stone unturned, you may find someone’s memoirs in which they mention the summer of 1915 and a couple of fella’s from PA!

  21. Wanted to add this. The state historical society of North Dakota has recorded oral history from many north dakoa citizens one is Victor Marsh, who’s father was a stockman in leal and i believe used to own the house that belonged to Sophie Peterson (currently owned by the Martinsons). Tape #14, Barnes Region 10157. Their number is 701-328-2666. The interviews were conducted from 1973-77 and the collection contains his recorded account and copies of many photographs. I think the only way to access is to go to Bismark, i was hoping to find it in their digital library on line.

    • Thanks, Lucy. Will definitely follow up on this. Thanks again. Glenn

    • Lucy Estes. Thank you for all the info. I’m excited to check out the things you’ve mentioned. I need to ask some of my relatives some questions; see if they can remember anything. I have no idea how my grandparents traveled. I assumed they went by railroad. We plan to be in Leal for a few hours on Aug 14th..

  22. I went to school with your mother, she was also my neighbor,I am Marcy Martinson (Rynestad)

  23. I just came across a picture of my grandmother, Esther Berg, my father and his younger sister (only picture of her – she was born in Leal in 1927 and died in March 1928 in Leal). They are sitting on the porch of Grandma Carrolts house. Also pictured is Mrs. Norell, son Denny and Raymond; and Esther Clink; and 3 unidentified persons. My Grandparents – Alfred & Esther Berg also lived in Leal in 1924-25.

  24. My name is Erich Cassatt, I am the son of Dennis Cassatt and great nephew of Elmer Cassatt, who by the way has moved to The veterans home in Lisbon, He trully is doing fantastic at 94 years old and enjoying his new digs. My memories of Leal were from the late 70s when we had visited my Uncle prior to him moving to Valley City…..there wasn’t much there but the stories painted by Uncle and my Dad, it amazed me the stories of hardship of the winters told with such glee it almost seemed fun…..Almost!

    • Erich,
      My mom, who is going to be 94 in January, was a good friend and schoolmate of your great uncle Elmer. My sister, her husband, myself and my mom traveled back to ND in June of this year for a family reunion. It was a great trip traveling the back roads to Leal, Dazey, Rogers, Wimbledon and other small towns with stories told the whole way by my mom. On the way back to WI we traveled south to Lisbon and visited Elmer at the Veteran’s home. What a great place to live! And he was such a joy to visit with, we got the grand tour of the entire place and my mom caught up with him on all the ND news and folks they knew. He is a treasure! I hope to visit there again some day but this will be the last trip my mom will be able to make. She is now on hospice care and likely will never travel again. Greet your uncle and enjoy your visits with him!

  25. I look forward to your photos and posts. As a former ND (born, educated and reared) Fargo native, I also lived in Grand Forks, Cando and Dickinson.

  26. My Grandpa Bill Werner farmed just outside of town for many years. He’s now 91.

  27. I’m so excited for this post, our farm is about 5 miles if that out of Leal, my family has went to school in Wimbledon. I do want to mention though that Leal is closer to 30/35 minutes NE of Jamestown vs. an hour. Thanks for the article!

  28. I was the Junior-Senior High School principal at ANorth Central of Barnes from 1970-1999, so I knew a lot of the people in the Leal area. It was a neat town with lots of good people. Phil and Darlene Mueller farmed NW of Leal, and their 3 children all graduated from NC. Phil was on the school board as was Russell Shape. Esther Loberg was our Title I teacher for several years and Ardell Saar was our Kindergarten teacher. I have many good memories of all the people in the North Central area and enjoy reading posts like these.

  29. My name is Bernadette VanDeusen. I am married to Ruth Westin VanDeusen’s son Robin. Ruth grew up in Leal along with her sister Martha, and brothers Milford and Milton. Their parents were Lawrence and Olava Westin. Ruth and I just finished reading this thread. She thoroughly enjoyed it and remembered many of you or your relatives. Thank you for making this thread.

  30. I am moving back to Leal nd this month. I grew up in Leal until the age of 12.

  31. My grandparents, Alexander and Sarah MacTavish lived there around 1912. My grandfather died there on the 11th of Jan. 1913. My grandmother ran a boarding house that would have duck hunters staying there. There had 7 children.

  32. Rowland Hilborn is my great grandfather. He and his wife arrived in Leal as homesteaders in 1886. In 1981 the land they had homesteaded was being farmed by Merrill Willson, a great grandson of Henry Alonzo Hilborn (my great grandfather’s brother). Lots of Hilborns buried in the Leal Cemetery. Would love to track down any old Hilborn photos from the early years.

  33. My great grandfather was Rowland Hilborn (and his son Henry Franklin is my grandfather) who homestead just north of Leal in 1886. I believe the Willson’s of Leal are descended from Rowland’s brother Henry Alonzo Hilborn. Henry’s daughter Mary Hilborn married a Willson and their son J.B. Willson was the postmaster of Leal for a number of years. In 1981 the original fieldstone house from 1886 was dismantled by the great grand son of Henry Alonzo, Merrill Willson, who was farming the land at the time. There are a number of Hilborns buried in the Leal cemetery. I would love to learn more about the Hilborns of Leal and get copies of any photos from the early homestead years.

  34. We visited in 2016 because my hreat grand uncle’s family Irvin Kinney lived there between 1900 and 1910.

  35. My grandparents ran a boarding house in Leal probably in the 30’s. Their names were Alexander and Sarah McTavish. I remember her saying that a lot of train men stayed there. One of their sons, Jack McTavish, later ran the lumberjack in Valley City.

  36. My grandparents Jens Peter Jensen and Kathrine Sorensen were married in Leal on 10/12/1917. Jens was working on a farm and Kathrine had a dressmaking shop above a mainstreet store. I have a photo of them and of mainstreet with shop marked. They moved to Clear Lake, IA but Jen’s brother Christian (who married Kathrine’s sister Ellen) stayed and farmed in Fargo/Valley City area as did most of their 5 children. My cousin Tim Burchill lives in Jamestown. July 2021

  37. My grandparents Jens Peter Jensen and Kathrine Sorensen were married in Leal on 10/12/1917. Jens was working on a farm and Kathrine had a dressmaking shop above a mainstreet store. I have a photo of them and of mainstreet with shop marked. They moved to Clear Lake, IA but Jen’s brother Christian (who married Kathrine’s sister Ellen) stayed and farmed in Fargo/Valley City area as did most of their 5 children. My cousin Tim Burchill lives in Jamestown. July 2021

  38. I have a shoe button hook advertising Leal Mercantile Co. Leal No. Dakota that I will be listing on eBay if anyone is interested.

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