4 thoughts on “Bantry, ND

  1. This was once a pharmacy owned and operated by Dr. George Miller, who sold it in 1936 and moved his family (wife: Lola Macdonald Miller; Son: George Curtis Miller; and daughters Dorothy Miller and 11 year-old Betty Jane Miller]).


    1. These were my grandparents (George and Lola). My mother was Betty Jane Miller Flint. She died on January 18th 1950. Grandma Lola died January 13th, 1963. I would love to know more about them (George and Lola). I thought I saw (somewhere) that he was from Illinois and she was from Ohio (or vice versa). Do you know more about them? My father (George Merritt Flint III) remarried to Mary Ellen Emmott on 11/3/51 and they had 5 more children. I never knew much about the Miller side of my family! I’d love to be able to find out more!

      Also, who now owns the building in which his pharmacy was stationed back before they moved to Oakland in 1936?

      Thank you so much!!!
      Melissa Rae Flint LaPorte in Sacramento, CA


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