Buttzville’s townsite appears to be inhabited by one, perhaps two families now, with this notable empty house on the edge of town, and at least one additional (more modern) abandoned home as well.  It wasn’t clear to me whether I could photograph that one without trespassing, so I focused on this home and the farm just to the west.

This house was photographed some years ago by our friend, musician Stephen Berg.  You can see his photos here.

From the abandoned farm just west of town.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

An Empty Home in Buttzville

Buttzville is in Ransom County, just northeast of Lisbon. These photos were taken on the abandoned farm just west of Buttzville.

This farm is just across the water from Buttzville.

Rain showers had just moved out.

Not quite sure what this ruin was… a barn?

Spring buds just on.

Penny for your memories.

Whomever lived on this farm had a tremendous view.

Photos by Troy Larson, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC.

Abandoned Buttzville Farm