One thought on “Cogswell. North Dakota

  1. My Great-Grandfather Carroll M. Rumsey was the Pastor at this church in early years of the 20th century. Family history says he built the church but I cannot be sure. I know he was there in 1907 because I have seen a photo of a quilt with church family names stitched into it. My Grandmother was Grace Rumsey and story has it she met my grandfather Pete Fernbaugh at the church. My dad Carroll Fernbaugh was born in Cogswell in October of 1911. Pete had a farm not far out of town and owned a livery stable in town. I am told that it stood in what is now a vacant lot behind the Kickback and fire station. Pete fell on hard times and took the family to Denver and on to California in about 1923. I don’t have any other history on the Rumsey’s. I don’t know if they stayed in the area or moved on.


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