One thought on “Juanita, North Dakota

  1. Dear Sir,
    My name is Louis P. Shimon and I am looking for a farm my grandfather used own. His name was
    Louis J. Shimon and he sold the farm in 1950 or 1952 I think. The people who bought the
    farm were named Donlandson or Donnelson…. I think. I was wondering if you have heard
    of such people or could you direct me in the right place??? I don’t know you and you don’t
    know me but it is worth a shot. Louis J. Shimon lived in Jaunita,North Dakota from 1928-1932
    and moved back to Rolfe, Iowa and got married. He continued to share crop the farm until he
    sold it. Anyway, thank you for your time, Louie.


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