North Dakota Cyclone, 1895

North Dakota Cyclone, 1895

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  1. The Dakota Territory split into North Dakota and South Dakota in 1889. So this photo would have been 6 short years into statehood 🙂

  2. Neat photo! Amazing what kind of photo equipment someone had all that many years ago. No idea where this may be, but after clicking twice on the photo, it looks as though someone is standing in the doorway of the “one holer” on extreme left of picture. Sure hope that whoever that is had their ‘priorities’ in order and headed for some type of cover.
    Just another great example of why this web site is so awesome!! Love it!!


  3. imagine the cameras of the period. using plate glass negatives. the exposure time . a fantastic photo!! taken at a time when very few people had ever seen a tornado, and even fewer had been photographed. not too much info on the date this occurred, other than the year 1895,,, very well preserved photo considering it is 115 years old

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