Ghosts of North Dakota


Exploring Brantford, North Dakota

We’ve known about Brantford, North Dakota — in Eddy County — for some time. ┬áMark Johnson contributed some winter photos a few years back, and we posted some postcards as well, but this was the first time we got a chance to actually visit. We saw only one home which appeared to be inhabited (it had a satellite dish on the roof), but we didn’t see a single person the whole time… Read More

When we set out to photograph this school, we believed it was still intact, so it came as a surprise when we arrived to see this. This burned-out shell of Munster schoolhouse is all that remains of a town that never really was. Munster was a Great Northern Railroad loading station, established in 1912, about 30 miles southwest of Devils Lake  — there was a grain elevator, and this school. The grain… Read More

Brantford was established in 1910, two years before the Great Northern railroad arrived. Brantford reportedly had 200 residents in 1920, but slowly lost population over the years until the post office was finally closed in 1973. The following photos of Brantford today were contributed by Mark Johnson. His comments on the church shown below: “Church located immediately next to farm, note the steeple has been removed and is setting right in front… Read More