Ghosts of North Dakota


Minot Air Force Station

When we ran our Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of our first book, we offered supporters the opportunity to name a location they would like us to photograph in exchange for their support. One of our supporters asked us to visit and photograph the former Minot Air Force Station, about 14 miles south of Minot. Minot Air Force Station was the first major Air Force installation in North Dakota, predating the… Read More

Lonetree, North Dakota

Australian adventurer and photographer Gavin Parker sent us these photos of Lonetree, North Dakota, a place that just barely came to be.

Minot, Fall, 1940

For those of us who are history buffs, the 1930s and 40s are a golden age of documentary photography. Government photographers from the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information traveled the country, photographing American cities big and small. They left behind a photographic treasure trove of places that no longer exist. It was photos like those, largely the work of Arthur Rothstein, that allowed us to do our book on… Read More

Abandoned Minot Church

This vacant church stood at the corner of Broadway and 4th Ave NW in Minot, at the bottom of North Broadway, right across the street from Sammy’s Pizza.  It was locked-up and posted, so we weren’t able to go inside, but by all outward appearances, this place was largely forgotten.

Central School, Minot

The space where Minot High School’s Central Campus now stands has a long history as home to several impressive schools, one of which also happens to be my alma mater.  In 1893, a far-too-small schoolhouse was replaced with the building below – Central School, sometimes referred to as “Central Graded School” with the “d”.

Hartland, North Dakota

Hartland is a tiny rural settlement in Ward County, about 25 miles northwest of Minot. We were on our way back to Fargo from Williston on a two day trip to explore a few places and we visited Hartland to see what we could see. Unfortunately, much of what remains of Hartland is now fenced and posted “no trespassing,” so we were unable to get closer to the two abandoned homes shown… Read More

Niobe, North Dakota

Contributor Tom Pence sent these photos of Niobe, North Dakota, in Ward County, just a few minutes west of Kenmare. Niobe was founded in 1907, and the Post Office was built in 1908. The all-time peak population was reported as 250 in 1920, and there are still residents in Niobe today. Tom’s comments on Niobe: Really, only one good “ghost” of a building in Niobe. The rest are either in relatively good… Read More

Gassman Coulee Trestle

Our May 2010 trip took us through Minot, so we stopped to take some photos of this — the Gassman Coulee Trestle in Trestle Valley, just outside of town.  It’s not abandoned, but it’s a really nice place to be outside with your camera on a hot summer night. The bridge is 1792 feet long and 117 feet tall at its highest point. When a train crosses, you can hear the rumble… Read More