This is the former Balfour Public School.  It was built sometime between 1899 and 1910.  Other than that, we know very little about this school, or what happened to it.  If you know more about this school, we would invite you to click on the photo below and add your comments on the ensuing page.  Note the former Balfour church in the background.

We found this postcard going through some old files but we have no record of who sent it to us.  Thank you, whoever you are.

Balfour Public School Postcard

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Balfour Public School

Balfour, ND

Balfour was founded in in 1898 about 35 miles southeast of Minot. It was named for Arthur, Lord Balfour, a British statesman and essayist. Population is said to have peaked at 390, but it now holds less than thirty.

US Census Data for Balfour
Total Population by Place

1940 – 193
1950 – 162
1960 – 159
1970 – 93
1980 – 51
2000 – 20
2010 – 26

Balfour is home to numerous vacant structures, including an impressive abandoned school. Balfour’s current residents are doing a very good job of safeguarding the town’s history when it comes to out of town visitors. They approached us for a friendly chat within ten minutes of our arrival.

All photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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