Clyde, ND

Cavalier County
Inhabited as of 6/10

Clyde is a near ghost town in Cavalier County near the Canadian border.  As of 2002, Clyde reportedly had six residents, quite possibly fewer today. It is no longer listed in the US Census.

Thank you to Miranda Schuler of Upload Photography for contributing these photos. Her comments:

I found a diamond in the rough over the weekend and will get some pictures to you guys shortly. I asked my father-in-law if he knew of any “ghost towns” in the area he grew up (Munich), and he mentioned Clyde. So we drove up there. There were the remains of a store, and insurance office, and a garage. The elevator in the town was also in really tough shape. He said it used to be a “fun” little town and he could remember going there for school dances. The school is no longer there, but there were several abandoned homes. In fact, there were only2 homes that I could tell had people living in them. I would say there we 10 homes that looked as though the owners left one day and just never came home…very sad to say the least. We saw several deer in town though.


Photos by Miranda Schuler, copyright Upload Photography