Souris, ND

Thank you to Miranda Schuler of Upload Photography for contributing these photos of Souris. Miranda’s comments:

Souris didn’t have as much to offer as I was hoping for. I remember as a chld going to the school auction when they closed it down, and there were few people in the town. However, with the increased oil activity, it’s actually a got very few abandoned buildings. I took some pics of the bank and the old school though. My folks have a farm in the Souris area and told me that the whole town and area around has leased out the mineral rights, so that may be breathing some new life into the whole area.


Editor’s note: the owner of the school contacted us to demand that we remove these photos from our website. Since these photos were taken from public property, we declined. However, we agreed to mention that the school is private property and visitors are not welcome.


Photos by Miranda Schuler, copyright Upload Photography.

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