Clyde, ND

Cavalier County
Inhabited as of 6/10

Clyde is a near ghost town in Cavalier County near the Canadian border.  As of 2002, Clyde reportedly had six residents, quite possibly fewer today. It is no longer listed in the US Census.

Thank you to Miranda Schuler of Upload Photography for contributing these photos. Her comments:

I found a diamond in the rough over the weekend and will get some pictures to you guys shortly. I asked my father-in-law if he knew of any “ghost towns” in the area he grew up (Munich), and he mentioned Clyde. So we drove up there. There were the remains of a store, and insurance office, and a garage. The elevator in the town was also in really tough shape. He said it used to be a “fun” little town and he could remember going there for school dances. The school is no longer there, but there were several abandoned homes. In fact, there were only2 homes that I could tell had people living in them. I would say there we 10 homes that looked as though the owners left one day and just never came home…very sad to say the least. We saw several deer in town though.


Photos by Miranda Schuler, copyright Upload Photography

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  1. These pics bring back memories, I grow up in this town and could tell you anecdotes about everyone of them, I still live in the area and my brother and mother still live in the town. Its changed alot since the 60’s. great pics

    • Thanks Linda! I was thinking about going back up there sometime, it was getting late when I went on Sat. I’d love to meet up with you and get more info! My father in law said that the county was planning to tear down the buildings in Clyde, do you know anything about that, or who owns any of the homes? I wanted to step in and look around, but didn’t want to get into trouble. I’m also planning a trip to Callio. My mother in law went to school there.

      • Miranda, what happened to the photos of Clyde that used to be on this site. My grandparents lived in Clyde during the 50-60’s – Marius and Marie Petersen. My father, Gordon Petersen graduated from Clyde High! So many fond memories there. I visit Clyde every year when I make my ‘cemetery run’ . If anyone has any thing to share about my family, I am all eyes and ears! I graduated from Rock Lake in 1968.

    • My father-in-law, Alvin Bittner, Elmer Bittner’s brother, was also born and raised in Clyde. We visited my husband’s aunt and cousin who still live in Clyde about 7 years ago. It was a neat little town and there are about 5 or 6 residents. My in-laws former home was still standing, as was my husband’s grandma’s house. In fact, we did take a tour of that house.

      • My mother said that she was born in Clyde, ND Feb 18, 1914. I know that her biological mother or grandmother put her up for adoption when she was about 18 months old. She was adopted by Nicholas and Anna Helton . I know that she kept in touch with a Mary Bittner fir along time after she left there. She married my father Louis Resler in Forman, ND. When she talk about her past she always mentioned clyde< ND. She died in April of 2000. She had met her biological half brother but her mother never wanted to see her because she hadn't told her husband that she had a child out of wedlock. I have a picture of my mother with her biological mother and grandmother. I know that her biological mother had a sister in WA state and that is how she got together with her half brother. I am mainly looking for info (ancestry) of her mother. Any info would be greatly appreciated. It was great to see pictures of where my mother had lived at one time.

  2. Love the pictures. I grew up 3 miles east of Clyde and these photos are like coming home.

    • I grew up on Hammond’s corner which is 3 miles east of Clyde. When were you there? My Dad and I don’t recall anyone by your name. Could you refresh our memory.

  3. I grew up 2 miles north of Clyde. I also have lots of memories. Great photos.

  4. I started school in Clyde in 1928, as I remember the following business were there at that time. A grocery store, an impliment business, a post office, a lumber yard, a depot, a livery barn, a blacksmith, a dray line and the old dance hall. Electricity for the city was provided by a generation plant. There were two churches and a bar. My, what eighty years has done to this old town. Some good pictures and a lot of old memories.

    • My mother (now 91) is living in Seattle. She grew up in Clyde and did not leave there until 1936. Her maiden name was Larson. She was one of four daugthers (Francis, Phyllis, Caryl and Lois) born to Ernest and Louise Larson. She remembers your family name.

    • That would have been the Clyde Electric Co.

      Would you or any of the others here know when that plant was installed?

  5. These photos make me terribly sad.
    It is almost like having my heart wrenched out of my body. I can almost hear the voices of days past and people talking and living their lives in these now abandoned places.
    I grew up in northern MN on Lake of the Woods–there are places like this but not near as many, it seems, as in North Dakota.

  6. I live in Washington State but just returned from N. D. where I attended the Clyde School reunion. I lived 3 miles south of Clyde and attended all 12 years of school there,. graduating in 1964. My Dad and I drove through Clyde last week and it is sad to see there is really nothing left and only two houses occupied. It was a great town and a great school. It was great seeing a lot of high school friends during my visit. We also drove past our farm and there is only a grainery there now. I would have driven right by if my Dad hadn’t been with me. The pictures were sad to see. My Grandmother lived there and the house my Mother was raised in has been gone for a long time.
    There are lots of memories there.

    • Virginia, I remember your family living in my grandparent’s home for a short time – the big house next to the Methodist Church. Their names were Marius and Marie Petersen. If I am right, I think your mother and my father graduated the same year – 1940. What was her name and is she still living? My parents died in 2014 & 2015. They lived in Rock Lake most.all their married life. Dad used to look forward to seeing your mother at Clyde Class Reunions! Do you remember living in my grandparent’s home? I believe you had the apartment on the southwest corner of the home. Would love to hear from you!

  7. My Grandparents (Morris and Marie Peterson) lived in Clyde until my Grandmother got sick and they move to Cando. As kids we used to have a blast visiting them, their house was once a hospital or clinic it had if I remember correctly. The last time we visited, the house was in pretty bad shape, the floors were caving in so I am sure it was torn down long ago.

    • I think your grandparents also took in boarders. If I remember correctly, my cousins, Linda and Dixie Hanson lived in the Peterson’s house in the 1960s. I went to school in Clyde till it closed. My oldest brother and sister graduated from there (Glenda Hall & Dennis Hanson). My father (Harold Hanson) was born in the house that Nancy Biby Holt grew up in.
      If you go to the Clyde cemetary, it is like “Old Home” week. I know most of the people buried there as they were good friends with my parents.

      • What grade were you in the last year you were at Clyde? I was in 7th grade. My sister, Corliss was in the same class as Dixie.

        • Linda , we were classmates, its been a long time, and I still live in the area!!!!

          • Been a lot of years ago now and have wondered what ever happened to you. Lost track after I went into the Air Force. I knew that you and Don got married and that was all, if want to contact me you can do it on face book or at Now living in Grand Forks.

  8. I grew up 5 miles east of Clyde. My first 2 yrs of school was in the old Heron school just down the road from our farm. I finished the rest of my school years in Clyde, graduating in 1960. I remember so many community affairs that were held in the old Town Hall. It was a great place to grow up. I visit Clyde usually every summer. It gets sadder each time, but all those good memories are still with me.

  9. My family moved to Clyde when I was four years old. My dad owned and operated a grain elevator in Clyde for 16 years and my three sisters and I attended the Clyde school. Growing up in a remote rural location had its drawbacks, but it also had its advantages.Being rather isolated, we had to make our own fun, I have such fond memories of all the softball games, homemade tents, tarzan swings, picnics, etc. that we had every summer. Winters were filled in events that centered around the school- basketball games, school programs and parties, dances, etc. I have no regrets growing up in a small North Dakota town. Our lives were focused on family, school, and church. What could be better!

    • My dad I believe worked in the Clyde Elevator and maybe managed it at one point his name was Elmer Schill. My mom taught at the school there her name was Ferne (McLeod) Schill. My grandparents on the schill side lived in town and I think my mom rented a room from them and that is how my folks got together. If anyone has any memory of my parents I would love to here about it. My email is as follows:

      Thank you and I hope to hear from someone.

  10. My Grandfather, Otis Lowe, ran the Bank here for a time. He was born in 1899. He also lived in Bisbee, Bismarck, ND & Cass Lake, MN

  11. I live in WA state, and I am researching my father’s family. His grandfather, Oscar Odell Brown, died in 1908 in Clyde ND. If anyone knows anything about him, or knows if he is buried in the cemetery there, I would appreciate your sharing that with me. I have loved looking at these photos!

  12. Unfortunately my mum does not recognize the name. She was born in 1920. Maybe her parents knew him but I am afraid she does not recall the name.

    Good luck


  13. I lived in Langdon (20+ miles east of Clyde) in the mid-1970s. At that time, the Clyde bar and the elevator were going business concerns. The bar sometimes had strippers, something not common in the area. As I understood it, the strippers liked to come to Clyde because they got to stay family-style with the couple that owned the bar. This was a welcome change from living at motels and eating at restaurants. I attended my friend’s promotion party at the bar. The bar owner would take your Polaroid picture with the stripper $2, proceeds given to the lady. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but some of the married guys came to regret the evidence the next day.

  14. the building in the last pic says
    “polaris sales and service”,great area for snowmobiles,the resourceful dakotans did their best,as usual.

    this site gives me faith in our country,love the site,love it.

  15. Hello – My cousin, Trish Anderson, left a couple of messages over the last year and my mom is her mother’s sister, Phyllis Anna Riise (formerly Phyllis Larson one of 4 daugthers born to Ernest and Lousie Larson who lived in Clyde, North Dakota)! My mother, Phyllis, is now 95 and in a healthcare center in Seattle. She is struggling abit with her health but doing well considering her age, etc….she has excellent (Norwegian) genetics in her family! 😉 I was told my grandpa Ernest Larson owned a general store at one time many years ago and would love to hear any information about that store, etc……we don’t have alot of family history written down about their years in the quaint town, Clyde! Hope to hear from someone. My direct e-mail address is: Thanks so much, Randi Elen Ciminski (daughter of Phyllis Anna Larson/Riise).

    • My dad says that was a hardware store. He and his brothers use to buy BBs for their air rifles and gopher traps from him. They use to get a penny a piece for gopher tails. Not sure who paid the penny maybe my grandfather. My dad is Charles Roy Hammond. Your mother may remember him. He lived out on a farm. He could tell you stories of those times in Clyde. Do you SKYPE?

      • Linda – I think we may be related. My great grandfather was Guy Hammond. I grew up 2 miles east of Clyde.

        • Just spoke to my mum and her father, Ernst Larson owned the hardware store in Clyde until 1936 when they moved to Seattle. She says she remembers the Hammonds. Her name was Caryl Joyce Larson (16 when she left Clyde), there were three other sisters, Francis was the oldest, then Phyllis, my mum and then Lois. Ernst Larson was married to Louise Larson.

    • Hi Blaine, I was happy to see a posting from someone on Clyde’s site! I don’t know how long ago Nick and Helen’s Bar was actively in business but do you by chance know of say my grandfather’s general store…his name was Ernst Larson and my mom’s name as listed on previous posting I left back in January was Phyllis Anna Larson (at the time). She had three other sisters, Lois, Caryl and an older sister Francis…….Would love to know more about your memories…..My mom, Phyllis is now 96 and in hospice care. She has had a wonderful life and she was a wonderful mother! – Thanks and hope to hear something from you.

      • Randi;
        If you see the post from Linda Ritter you should ask her her mom and dad were nick and helen

        ps the names you mentioned did not ring a bell with me so try linda

      • There is a write up in the Munich Area (Clyde) history book about your grandparents, Ernest and Louise Larson. It says that when they first moved to Clyde they started up a grocery store, which they later sold and then ran the hardware store. I believe that they still have copies of this history book that can be purchased. It has a lot of information about all of the businesses and people who lived in Clyde.

        • Katie, I have been unable to find online where I could possibly purchase one of these books. My mum is 93+ and doing great. I would really love to get her one of these books for Christmas, she would love it!!!



          • How long did your mother live in Clyde and during what years? I would like to know if she knew my parents

          • Trish,
            One of my cousins came across this web site with information and pictures of Clyde.
            Your grandparents’ store was next to J.P. Larson grocery store owned by my grandparents –
            Jan Peter and Nellie. Your mom and sisters were friends of mom and her sisters. I don’t remember the date, but Dottie(cousin)and I “escorted” Alice(my mom), Mildred(her mom), and Bernice(youngest sister) to Seattle. We had a get-together at the party room at Phyllis’s.
            The book you asked about is –
            United by Rail, Munich and Surrounding Area, published in 2003
            I think I purchased a copy from Munich Area History Committee, Box 84, Munich ND 58352
            Lois Waldron

  16. I lived in Clyde for twenty plus years and was a member of the last class to graduate from the school. My parents and paternal grandparents lived there their entire adult lives. Alexander McArthur, my paternal grandfather, homesteaded near Clyde in 1899. It is sure interesting how location, events, and interactiion with people shapes ones life. I remember well.

    • Hi Stewart: Did your mother teach grade school? If so, your sister Clara Lou was a frequent babysitter for me and my sisters (Maurine and Tammy). Our father John, taught at the school for about four years. We all have vague but fond memories of Clyde and esp. remember staying with “grandma Gilbert” and my mom Melva seems to know many of the names on this comments page.

      • Yes my mother did teach grad school, 1,2,and 3 grades. My sister is Clara Lou.

  17. The real ghosts live on in the memories of all who use to live there! It is the spirit of the community that helps shape the character of its inhabitants. One is blessed if they grow up in a small community where you get to know those who live there.

  18. Today, aug. 31, is the 5th anniversary of my dads death. I was going thru some of his things and found his birth certificate. Born In clyde n. Dakota. Looked up clyde, and found your website. Can t believe its a ghost town. Interesting pictures. Id like to go there someday. Dad was born In. 1921 to herman and lillie oeffner, the judge of county court was maurice hoy.

    • Char,

      My father Gordon R. Petersen was born in Calio, ND, in 1921. As a young boy, his family moved to Clyde where he attended all 12 years of school. What was your father’s name? It is quite possible that he and my father were classmates.

      My father’s family consisted of his parents – Marius and Marie Petersen, Arthur, Mildred, Gordon, and Isabel. Gordon and Isabel are still living – Gordon in Bismarck and Isabel in Andover, MN. My grandparents farmed near Clyde and later moved into Clyde purchasing the ‘home’ that had once been a hospital. They operated an apartment house there renting out 2-3 apartments, and a couple of sleeping rooms upstairs. I recall a Mrs. Hammond occupying one apartment, Virginia Michel’s family lived in one for a short time, Ted Krom and his wife occupied one and he did his taxidermy in an upstairs room, and a teacher named Mr. Sievert rented a sleeping room above my grandmother’s kitchen. I believe this room was heated only by the stove pipe that ran from the kitchen, through his room, and out the roof! Such names, and a few faces, stand out in my memory: Mrs. Klopper, Garnet Kingzette, the MacArthurs, Greenings, Russels, the teacher Mr. Ulen who lived next door to my grandparent’s house in the teacherage, and many more. I apologize as I know I misspelled many of those names! I clearly recall the school playground, Krom’s grocery, Ben’s store and his bubble gum cigars, the post office, the Methodist Church, and the KP Hall. I also remember sneaking into grandpa’s chicken yard and hoping he wouldn’t catch us ( the boy cousins from Minneapolis and me!). I could keep writing…….

      It is/was so sad to see my grandparent’s home and all the others either be destroyed, removed or left to decay. I visit Clyde every chance I get when I return to my hometown of Rock Lake.

      Thanks for the website! I love it! I even love to look at towns I have never visited or heard of their names. And I really love to read all the comments! I check this website periodically!

      • My grandfather was Ben Evenson and he operated the bar or Pool Hall as we kids called it with the candy store in the back. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, my siblings and I would come from Williston during the summer for a 2 week visit with Ben his wife Inga. I remember Ted Krahm’s grocery store next door but very little about any other buildings. It was great fun as we had never had to carry water or use an outhouse before our first visit to Clyde. Good memories!

        • My name is Lois Henschel Aikins. My family (Ed, Hattie, & Alice) moved to Clyde when I was 4 years old. I remember going into the candy store many times and also remember the grocery store. My dad ran the GTA elevator and we lived across the street from Guy & Melva Hammond. I live in Oregon and we drove to Clyde a few years ago and it was sad to see how the town looks now. You can reach me by email

  19. I grew up in Rocklake. Drove by many times on the highway but never stopped in. (I guess there was no reason to stop)

  20. I grew up about 10 miles east of Clyde. I, as a kid, trick or treated in Clyde in the 60s. I was a robot. I went to Clyde school through the 5th grade, then went to Munich. The grocery store was owned at that time by the Rhams. I am not sure of the spelling! I remember there was a bar where the adults went in one door and us kids would go in another door for candy and sodas and the adult would have there adult beverages. I see North Dakota is loosing people like rats in a burning ship. I am guilty, I left and now live in Kentucky. It is sad to see the old buildings. Many Memories!

  21. Hi all. I have a postcard somewhere that comes from Clyde, North Dakota. Is there anyone that know anything about my great grandfathers uncle Harry (Hans) Hanson born 1880 emigrated from Sweden about 1902 married to a Margret if my research is correct. Because the postcard I have say Clyde, North Dakota i give it a shot to see if anyone have any information as i stumbled on this site. Would be rely great if i could get in contact with any descendants.

    Best regards
    Patrik Hansson
    from Sweden (still living less then 10 miles from the area where Harry was born)

  22. Hi. I will take a chance here ask if your grandfather was Harry(Hans) Hanson born in Sweden he had a son called Harold I think. I am relative still living in sweden to Harry Hanson and it would be nice to get in contact with the us branch of the family. I have posted a longer post on this site.

    • Patrik Hansson – I am Harold Hanson’s granddaughter. My dad graduated from Clyde and I grew up on a farm close to there. I would love to get in contact with you!!

      • Hi Kim
        I am very glad for your reply. Please reply to this address (temporary address to avoid to much spam).

        So we can establish that this is the correct family i didn’t have much information to go one when i have been looking for where this family went over there.

    METZGER SHECKLER i LIVED IN CLYDE TILL MY MOM AND DAD MOVED TO DETROIT LAKES,MN. My dad Ed Metzger owned and operated the grain elevator there , oh I have great memories of Clyde .. I remember your brother Dennis , could you tell me where he is and if I can get ahold of him. My sisters Lois and Beverly have been up there many times but I have not , but I still have lots of cousins up that way. Does anyone know Judy WESTFALL ‘S MARRIED NAME AND WHERE i CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH HER.

    • Hi Marlys, I see mention that your dad Ed Metzger owned the elevator in Clyde. My dad Elmer Schill worked there does that name ring a bell? Also my grandmother was a Metzger I believe. My mom Ferne McLeod taught at the school there. Any of that ring a bell to you.


      Dave Schill

    • Hello Marlys,

      I was recently at an auction sale where I purchased 3 watt apple bowls with advertising from Clyde and also had your fathers name as part of the advertising! Small world!

  24. I was there night of 18 June, 2013. Only one permanent resident and a couple of “visiting” residences. Hiked all over town. Business buildings are all gone except for bar and one other that looked like a repair shop of some kind. Bar was an easy entrance as all I had to do was remove the board prop holding the storm door shut. Fox lived under the building. Interesting point to me was a still running freezer. I’ve found this before in abandoned buildings. Always makes me wonder who is paying the bill. In this case, very obvious the bar has been closed for yrs.

    There is a business that appears to sell ammonia tanks, grain augers, etc. Reasonably new buildings and has 3-4 employees, none live in town. The owner uses the “repair shop(?)” as storage for his riding lawn mower. Appealed to me that all the tools of the previous owner still hung on the wall.

    Had a quiet nights sleep.

    • those belong to the present owner,he lives in the house on the hill and is my brother… The bar was my parents and closed in 2000, when my dad passed away, but is used for storage… all I can say is you are pretty lucky!!!!!!! If my brother would have found you in one of his buildings, you would have had a interesting discussion…it probably would have ended well though, he has mellowed in is later years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Linda, I just ran across this website and noticed the postings. I visited Clyde a few years ago doing research on my family. I spent most of my time on my Kargel and Schrader lines. I’m returning to the area again next week to do some research on my Stein line. My grandmother is Lydia Stein (Kargel). Her sister, Margarette (Maggie) Stein, was married to John Ritter. I have a portrait of them that was passed on to me from my father. I’d like to visit with you if you have the time.

        • Cathy, I am sorry I missed your posting,you could have had a real good visitor with my husband and his sister, Maggie was there Grandmother, I barely remember her, but Doug and Shirley sure could have updated you, there Mom was also a Schrader!!!!!! sorry we missed you. we live in Langdon now…Linda Ritter

  25. Dave, ya know I have heard the name but my two older sisters would know the person more the me , I was the youngest of four girls. I’m sure you know my sisters Lois Solheim and Beverly Altringer., they have been up to Clyde for reunions.
    I remember Ida May and Johnnie ,Alan and Marie they used to live across from us in Clyde. johnnie would plow the roads and Ida May was a good nurse and also had a huge garden.
    I can’t remember the names of these other people but they lived close to the school and we would always go and take carbapples off there trees and she would get so mad at us.
    Then my uncle Joe would bring his team of horses in town to pick up us kids and take us to school because the snow was always so deep.
    I have great memories of growing up there with my cousins and friends. , we had to make our own fun and not like the kids today getting fat and lazy on their cell phones. Well Dave it’s been good talking to u and probably will again….by the way where do u live now.

    Later. Marlys

  26. Thanks for the pictures of Clyde! My great-grandmother used to live there. I have many memories of going to visit her and playing around the town. My dad and uncles would go hunting and us kids would be running all over. I remember her house. I loved it!

  27. I’m so surprised to find this site! My dad, Clifford Christian, was born in Clyde (or on the family farm outside it) in 1909. His father was Vernon Christian, a farmer and I think also sometimes a house painter. Dad went to school there but only through 8th grade, dropping out in 1922 to work full time on the farm. Although he soon went off to join the Navy, and made a career out of that. (He was one of our servicemen captured at Corrigedor at the start of WWII).

    He told me a lot of stories about growing up in North Dakota, though only one was about Clyde proper: One day around 1914, his dad was buying stuff at the store in town, and little Cliff was sitting in the buckboard when something spooked the horses. They took off out of control, racing down the main street of town. Grandad, afraid of the wagon wrecking, yelled at Cliff to jump. He did, and in the ruckus got a big gash in the palm of his hand, cut down to the bone. Grandad saw the damage, took out the wad of chewing tobacco he had in his mouth, and packed it into the wound. It healed without a scar.

    A little frontier medicine for you, Clyde style.

    If anyone knew of folks there with the Christian family name, I guess those would be my relatives. My dad had 14 brothers and sisters, so there were a ton of ’em.

    So sorry to see there’s not much left of the town, but fascinating to read all these recollections of it. Thanks to everyone who’s posted here.

  28. My grandparents Nick and Helen owned the bar my whole life. Wow, my mom Linda Ritter just told me about this website because my husband is interested. I see pics of the old bar, what great memories it brings back. I remember stories of the go-go dancers and helped grandma make lots of potato and macaroni salad when I was a teenager at the bar. Yum, I better call her for a delivery!!!

  29. Stewart – I visited Clyde a few years ago to do some family research. My father’s family was from that area. His mother was Lydia Stein (Kargel). Her older sister, Mary Stein, was married to Alexander McArthur. I have some Stein pictures, if you’re interested in copies.

      • Stewart, let me know how to contact you so I can send you some Stein pictures.

    • Hi Cathy, I am Mary Stein MacArthur’s granddaughter . Myrtle Jean MacArthur the youngest of their children is my mother. I would love to know more about the Stein side of our family. I’m still confused as to which spelling is correct Mac or. Mc and why it was changed? I would love to know what the original spelling was!

      • LaRae – Just now reading your message. Send me an email at with your questions and I’ll answer them the best I can. (My grandmother was Lydia Lillian Stein.)

      • I am so enjoying your notes from Clyde. I am Charlie Stein’s great granddaughter. My Aunt Loy Stein Stutrud and I are working on a Stein Dietrich booklet for our family. We would love to get some pictures and information.

  30. My paternal Grandmother was Mary Stein married to Alexander MacArthur. I believe she was a twin sister Margarette Stein.

    • Hi, Saw your post on s Clyde website. I am the great granddaughter of Charlie and Lora Stein. Mary Stein was Charlie’s Sister. Grandma Lora was a Dietrich. My mother often talked about being related to the MacArthurs.

      • Did Charlie and Lora live in Lakota, ND? If so, I remember my Dad visiting them when we would go to Lakota to visit my Mothers Mother.

    • In Aunt Edna’s bible it says grandmas twin sister’s name was Lena Stein? Could that have been a nick name for Margarette? It also says Lena had a son Lee Stein.

      • I think Norris and Howard Ritters mother was her twin, La Rae and Oi thing her name was Margarite.

        • Margarita is listed as a sister, yes but not her twin. Her twin sister died in child birth or shortly after.

          • Peter Stein. Born. Oct 16,1858 married Anna Mary Deck born June4,1860. Both born in Austria
            It says they were married of Hopefull Valley on September,22,1877
            They had Mary Elizabeth born December22,1878
            Her twin Lena. December 22, 1878. Lena. Had a son Lee Stein
            Katie born April 22,1883
            Charley. March 28,1883
            Fred. 1885
            Margarette May 29,1886
            Earnest. October3,1888
            John. Dec.22,1890
            Tena. May 16,1893
            Lydia. Aug.26,1895
            William April 24,1902
            Leo Willis December 1,1903

  31. This has been has been a fun site to visit. I used to hang out outside the bar when my parents were in there, I also remember going in for candy and pop. It has been fun reading all the comments. I used to babysit for Steve and Arlene Schottenbaur. WOW fun times!

  32. My mom Lenore Berg graduated Clyde around 1937 anyone out there know of her . She’s 96 yrs old.

    • Hi Marlys – Is your Mom Lenore a brother to Harold Berg? If yes, my Mom (Othillia Haus Haider) was a nanny to your Grandma Katie Berg. The Bergs lived out on a farm a few miles south of Clyde. Mom loved working at the Berg home, always said that Katie was the nicest gal. We (the Haider family) lived about five miles south of Clyde and my nephew still farms the Haider farm.

  33. I lived in Clyde 1976-78. I lived in a house purchased for $800 that was due in back taxes by the previous owner and worked at the Concrete missile site 50 miles away on the other side of Langdon. Spent one summer putting up grain bins with a couple of old fellows whose names I no longer recall. Lost that job when the old boy who ran things passed away. I remember the other fellows name was Johnny and he played drums in a band and drove a snowplow during the winter, both fairly amazing feats for a guy who at the time that we worked together was about 75 years old. Both were great guys. At that time Clyde had about 30 or so residents. It was on the decline even then.
    I remember one of the strippers from Manitoba that danced at Nick & Helen’s bar on weekends stopped at the house one day and wanted to trade a pinto pony for my dog, a shepherd/wolfhound mix. I used to walk that dog on the road outside of Clyde where the dump and graveyard were located. He wouldn’t willingly set foot in the graveyard and whined when I made him go through with me. As I recall there were graves there dating to the mid 1800s.
    Loved seeing the pictures and reminiscing and would like to see it again before it’s gone.

    • Willy: The Johnny you refer to I believe was my grandfather, Johnny Bruers. He and my grandmother, Ida Mae lived in Clyde and I have many fond memories there. They had two children, Marie and Allen, and Ida Mae was a nurse, and delivered many children in Clyde in the early days. A lot of the names on this site are very familiar.

      • Johnny Bruers was my uncle. Ted Bruers was his brother and my Dad. My Dad and my Mother, “Winnie” Mittelholtz were married in Langdon in1928. My Dad operated the “Pool Hall”, as we called it back then, from then until 1942 when we moved to Bemidji, Minn. My oldest sister, Elaine was born in Devils Lake but the rest of us kids were born in Clyde ( possibly with help from Ida Mae or maybe Doc Porter from Sarles or Calvin.) Born in Clyde were John, Joyce, Jim, and Tom.

        • Ida Mae gave my sister allergy shots and worked in the Clyde School lunch room as a cook. She was a wonderful woman !

  34. Yes they lived in an aqua stucco house that was east of the high school. Actually, my husband and I have a small home in Lakota. I grew up on a farm north of Crary. My grandparents were Pete and Etta Stein. I saw the post about the Mikkelson reunion . Are they related on the Stein side of the family? I may have to check it out as I will be in Lakota over the summer.

    • My Maternal grandmother was a Mickelson. Her married name was Mrs Nels (Mina) Lund. She lived in the first house directly east of the high school.

    • Anyone remember any of the Schill’s that lived in Clyde? My mom taught at the school and my dad worked in the grain elevator there.

  35. Wow! Looking at these pictures bring a lot of memories back. Living in a 12×60 trailer home across the street from Nick n Helen’s Bar. I’m trying to remember how old I was either 3 or 4 that would of been in either ’68 or ’69 when lived there. We moved into the house north of Marjorie Nickerson in 1975 where I lived until I graduated from both Munich High School in 1983 & LRCC in 1985. I can remember riding bicycle all over Clyde with my sister Meloney Lewis Hertzell, visiting neighbors, you knew everyone. Trusting was not an issue back than because everyone watched out for each other. Also, when Dad decided to move in to Munich and to hear he was going to sell the house was sad, but we knew it was for the best because being around others was important to him. Because Clyde dwindling to nobody and it was probably depressing to see a town that once had people go to none. Change is constant!

    • Your parents bought my Grandparents house, Ed and Grace Bateman. Somebody was still living in it in 2014, that was the last time i was in Clyde.

      • Someone still lives in the Bateman house in Clyde.

  36. I graduated from Clyde in 1955, class of 7 people. I grew up there, our farm is north of town 3 miles.i my grandparents homesteader just north of town. Lots of memories there and I visit when I am back there.

  37. Clyde was supposed to be the new boom town in 1905 and Cavalier druggist Ed Koehler moved there that year. His claim to fame in Cavalier was, he was the first automobile owner in the city. I assume he took the car to Clyde with him. He didn’t stay long, I found references to him moving from Clyde to California within a short period of time. I drove through there tonight on the way home and took some pictures, many duplicating the photos seen here. Never knew that strippers worked there but during the heyday of the missle construction years, most anything was possible. I thought the Par Bar near Concrete had the only claim to fame of dancers!

    • That would be my grandfather, Harry Hanson married to Margret Twete! Who were your parents?

      • I will jump in here as these name is interesting to me. I have written some info already in this forum I am descendant of Harrys brother Olof (Great grandfather) who did not emigrated to US so we are still in Sweden. So if this Harry is born in sweden about 1880 I would be very interested in getting in contact with you to exchange information for my genealogy research. I have a email adress you can contact me directly

  38. W.H.Wilson { Name on Bldg.} is my grand Uncle – B.1888 – D. 1974 – his father W.A. Wilson B.1854 – D. 1931 ran a stable in Devils Lake.
    Should any one have any further info: & or photos would love to know or see.
    Thank You…………………
    D.L. Koch

  39. Interesting discussion. I just noticed that my great grand uncle Michael Maloney lived in Clyde in 1914, when his father died in Cavalier. His wife’s name was Marie. Does anyone recognize the name?

  40. To the guy writing people are/were leaving ND like rats out of a burning building . Get you head out of the back part of your lap ND is now one of the leadin stes showing a population gain due to oil

  41. Clyde is yet another of the small towns that had its own electric company before connecting to the “high line” in the late 1920s. Would like to know if anyone knows anything about the Clyde Electric Co. as it was known.

  42. My grand parents,uncles and my dad dene taylor were all raised in or around Clyde.i have a picture of my dad on the Clyde basketball team in the 1940s does any one know them

    • I believe your dad and my dad were very good friends. My dad was Richard (Dick) Nickeson and grew up in Clyde, played on the basketball team at the school in the 40s. Basketball was one of the joys of his life and memories of the team and Clyde meant a lot to him. Would love to see the picture if you have it online. I may have a similar picture that I will try to post.

  43. Had many good times at Nick and Helen’s starting about 1974 we would tour down from Pilot Mound Mb. Miss those days a lot. Very friendly local people.

  44. My parents were Norris and Vid Ritter and we live 5 miles East of Clyde. I graduated from high school in 1960. My Grandparents were John and Margaret Stein Ritter and they lived in Munich ND. Margaret was not a twin to Mary MacArther but was her Sister. I have a Brother Richard that lives in Munich,ND and a Sister Gloria who lives in Langdon ND. I have many wonderful memories of Clyde and really enjoyed everyone who responded to this article.

    • Thank you for verifying about Maggie being a sister to Mary. Mary’s twin was Lena . I visited Great Aunt Maggie with my Aunt Edna and my grandmother Mary Mac Arthur during the summers that I lived with them. I still remember aunt Maggie’s beautiful flower gardens!

  45. Great memories of Clyde. It is sad to see our precious buildings look like they do today but look at the positive,everyone got a very good education and have done very well in life. Just think, we could have our next reunion on the Main Street under a tent. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Wayne , this is MARLY Metzger Sheckler , how are you just remember you from out on your dad’s farm. Could you tell me how to get in touch with Judy, been wondering all these years what has become of her

  47. None of the pictures for Clyde are available? Doing genealogy research on John Luke Lott who farmed in sections 13 and 24 near Clyde on 1917 Plat Map. He was my great-grandfather’s older brother. He had migrated from Mahomet, IL with two of his daughters and their families; his daughter Maud was married to Dwight Downs. His descendants remain in the county. I am very interested in seeing the photos of Clyde that were posted.

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