Driving Through a Herd of North American Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

On our recent visit to North Dakota’s southwest corner, we spent some time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, and we were reminded of the magic of the Badlands.

For anyone who lives in eastern North Dakota in the flat lands which were once the bottom of glacial Lake Agassiz, it’s easy to forget that North Dakota is not entirely flat. As Terry and I entered the Badlands and caught our first look at Painted Canyon from the highway, we were literally bouncing up and down with excitement in the car.  We couldn’t wait to photograph the beautiful topography — gallery here.

Far and away, the highlight of our trip was getting to see the animal that brought Teddy Roosevelt to North Dakota in 1883 — North American Bison.  We mounted a video camera on top of my car and let it roll as we came upon the bison.  If you have a nice fast connection, make sure you check it out in HD, fullscreen.  There’s a photo gallery of the bison here.  Enjoy.

Photos and video copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC
Royalty free music by Incompetech.com


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5 thoughts on “Driving Through a Herd of North American Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  1. Wonderful . We were there a year ago in mid August. I love Western ND;;;;;;;;;;;Merodra area & Theadore Roosevelt National Park.


  2. This is so COOL there almost not words for it. Keep it coming, guys. And, I am so glad you had such a nice trip.


  3. Have not been there for several years. Thank you for posting this video! Note to people….These are wild animals..do not trust them and stay in your vehicle!!!!


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