Northern Pacific High Line Bridge #64

High Line Bridge in Valley City is the longest railroad bridge in the state and like the Gassman-Coulee Trestle in Minot and the Sheyenne River Bridge near Karnak, we chose to photograph it and feature it here due to the railroads’ pivotal role in settling North Dakota. All three of these bridges are still used daily.

High Line Bridge

There are sources with varying lengths and heights for this bridge, depending on where the measurements are taken from.  We’re using the plaque on the site of the bridge for these stats: the bridge is 3,886 feet long and 155 feet high.  Other sources say the bridge is 3,860 feet long and 162 feet above the river.

High Line Bridge

High Line Bridge

High Line Bridge

Hundreds of vehicles pass beneath this bridge every day while trains cross above.

High Line Bridge

High Line Bridge

The park beneath the bridge also holds a significant place in the history of the Boy Scouts.

High Line Bridge

High Line Bridge

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media


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4 thoughts on “Northern Pacific High Line Bridge #64

  1. Hello! I scanned a whole lot of family negatives this winter and found a picture of this bridge with a Northern Pacific train going over it! If you’d like, I’d gladly send a copy!


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