Spring in Jud, North Dakota

Jud, North Dakota

This is Jud, North Dakota, in Lamoure County, about 14 miles northwest of Edgeley.

Jud, North Dakota

Jud is far from a ghost town — there were 72 residents according to the 2010 census, but we found out about Jud after someone suggested there was a school that might be a good photo opportunity, and upon further investigation, we were very excited to find this church on the edge of town.

Jud, North Dakota

Doug Wick’s “North Dakota Place Names” says Jud was first named Fox, then Gunthorpe before the name was changed to Jud in 1906 to honor Judson Lamoure, the politician who also lent his name to the county.

Jud, North Dakota

This is St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota

This church was featured in our book, “Churches of the High Plains,” and prints of this church are available in our Etsy store.

Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota

Service Dogs of America has a facility right behind this school.

Jud, North Dakota

Geese migrating north over the former Public School.

Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota

This museum is open by appointment only.

Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota

The last gas price on this pump was over $2/gallon. Maybe it hasn’t been out of service for as long as it looks.

Jud, North Dakota
Jud, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media

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  1. Jud is one of four places named for Pembina County legislator Judson LaMoure. There is the county of LaMoure, city of LaMoure, the town of Jud and also Judson. I could be wrong, but I believe he is the only person to have his full name immortalized in North Dakota place names.

  2. I know the family that owns the church and they are just leaving it fall to pieces not nice at all

    • I agree with Rory. My family owns it and it is a shame nothing is being done with this awesome building.

    • Yes, I am part of the owner group. And our intention was to make it into a living space. It sits behind our mom’s place, and right beside that old pheasant coop you published. It’s just hard getting everyone together who could fix it up as we don’t all live in ND. However, it’s not being “left to fall to pieces” by choice. Just by circumstance. If there were enough volunteers, maybe one summer we can have a ‘revival party’ and renovate it!

      • That would be so kewl to see it fixed up its so pretty I used to spend Evey other weekend in jud at my great grandmas

      • Is this Church on the way toward Minot? I was going through a town on the way to Minot traveling with a Trucker Friend of mine and in a town there was an old beautiful church ahead in the distance pulled out my phone turn on camera mode said a Quick Prayer that I could capture the shot and I did you may find a photo on Facebook @ Small Anchors Photography By: Audrey Jarrell ©

      • it would cost a fortune to restore and then you are faced with the annual cost of maintenance It would need local support to do it….which obviously is not there.

      • Please let me know! We lived in Jud when I was in K-2. My parents were both teachers so I had alot of time by myself as back then, it meant they were also coaches, after-school homework help, etc. Churches weren’t locked back then so I could go in and play piano/organ whenever. I think there were 2 churches then, but I’m not positive. We moved a lot. Lol. The school brought back a ton of memories!!!! They didn’t have a kindergarten class in Jud, so I went to Nortonville, ?, I think. I CLEARLY remember that it was “The Hometown of Donna Fargo!”, though, because Funny Face and The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA were my jams back then! Hahaha…and then there were 2 kids in my1st grade class. Wanda and me. 3 in 2nd–Wanda and me, and Brian. 1st, 2nd and 3rd were in the same room. My mom taught 4th, 5th, and 6th across the hall. My dad taught Maths and Sciences upstairs. I’m down to volunteer to help “semi-renovate” –at least a week or so, anyway! If there were enough of us, we could get a lot done in a week! Or 2!

  3. There is a Jud native who may be of some help here. Prof. Harold Nelson (retired) of Minot St. Univ. grew up there. Prof. Nelson was among other things instrumental n the northern plains writers’ group organizations. He holds an MA from the University of Chicago and a PhD from UND-Grand Forks. I went to college with Harold and he is a very bright guy who seems to observe and memorize almost everything on the spot. He would be a very good contact, it seems to me.

    Sincerely yours,


  4. What a beautiful church! If it was closer to where I live, I’d have that building moved and turned into a studio in a heartbeat!

  5. That’s exactly what we wanted! Live in the main sanctuary and have a writer’s office in the belfry tower.

  6. I’m so lucky to have grown up in this town these pictures made me cry its been so long since iv been here not since the centennial 🙂 I miss it a lot I think the gymnasium is still open on the school It used to be, my great grandma used to be a cook at the school I miss this place soon much <3 my aunt used to live right by the church its gotten so old I remember wen it was mostly white I always loved it so pretty I remember visiting the dog school all the time and having them demonstrate the dogs skills and stuff that was always awesome gawd I love this town <3 thank you for taking these picturesi remember the small store and resurant used to have an mural of the town wow amazing <3 I am related to the nichkies (I probably spelt that wrong but yeah)<3

  7. The song “Poor Jud” from “Oklahoma!” is now stuck in my head.

  8. My husband’s grandfather went to that school. ‘Not sure if he graduated, but if he did, it would’ve been somewhere around 1943.

  9. Thought of this the other day – in addition to Jud, Judson, LaMoure county and Lamoure city there is also LaMoure township in Pembina County…….

  10. I started 1st grade at Jud in 1960. It was a great place to go to school. Some classmates that come to mind are Harvey Nitschke, Kevin Flaig, Debbie Toay, bus driver was Eddie Duden, long time ago.

  11. My grandmother )Ada Patterrson) was married in Jud in 1907. She was postmistress until the Democrats got in. At that time ir was a political appointment.

  12. went to school there freshman year, really liked the building and the town, enjoyed my year with the friendly people, and I would like to see a picture of the old Catholic chapel there–used to play the pump organ for part of that year.

  13. I Especially Love The Bell Tower!! I Bet It Was Music To Those Within “Ear Shot” of The Church!!

  14. What a beautiful old church, its sad to see it that way. I agree the others tho, would be a great reno project.

  15. Thank you, Troy Larson! This is so amazing and wonderfully photographed. Enjoying it so much.

  16. I was fortunate to drive through Jud a couple of years ago since I had seen on the Internet that it contained several murals. It was such a nice little place that looked like a great place to live.

  17. My grandfather was pastor at the Lutheran Church and my mother and uncle went to the grade school. I have never been there so it is fun to see the photos. Now to compare them to old pictures we have.

  18. I was born in Jud in 1930 and graduated from that school in 1947. At that time Jud had about 200 residents. My parents ran Withnells General Store from the 40’s into the 80’s. In the 40’s and 50’s I knew everybody in Jud so if anybody has a question about someone in that era, I could probably answer it. My email is withnell_pueblo@msn.com.
    I read all the comments but only recognized the name of one contributor. Jud was a great place to grow up but the high school had a difficult time getting teachers during World War II. The algebra teacher couldn’t work most of the problems so I and Marion Schober had to show them how. Our geometry teacher came out of retirement and she usually fell asleep in the afternoon during geometry class. It gave me motivation to be a math teacher, which I was for 40 years.

    • My grandmother Madga Job (Egerdahl) who is the mother of my mother Geraldine M. Job went to grade school in the two story school in Jud during the 1930’s. My grandmother Magda Egerdahl later married Ludwig Job (from Streeter, ND) and they moved to Nortonville, ND just off highway 281. Therein, I have been with my grandmother to her hometown many times and I always enjoyed the atmosphere of Jud. If anyone has any family history on the Egerdahl, Job, and/or Flaig family surnames as someone lalso mentioned Kevin Flaig in which my grandmother on my father’s side’s maiden name is Flaig. Deloris Flaig (Fidge) was married to Stanley Fidge and now (Walsh) married to Gerald Walsh. My grandmother Deloris Flaig (Fidge/Walsh) is the daugher of John and Elsie Flaig. If anyone has any family history about these family surnames, please advise.

    • Wonderful comment by Mr. Withnell ! His dry humor made my wife, a former teacher, and I laugh out loud. Such a great story. Beautiful photos.

  19. My mother was from Jud and I spent a lot of time ther growing up. I try to stop in every summer.

  20. love photos of old churches, and barns,, they have so much history, if those walls could talk,,

  21. The Dagan Store – my Great Grandfather William Long traded this store for the farm owned by Dagan’s northeast of Edgeley in the early 1900’s. The Dagan’s ended up with the store and the Longs got the farm. I have a scanned picture of him with his wife and a child standing in the back of the store.

    This is a great site! Thanks for sharing the past.

  22. I bought this old church this fall, and to my joy I stumbled on this site to find these cool pictures. I am wondering if any of the commenters on here have any old pictures or history they would be willing to share? I have plans to restore it and would love to have some old originals to hang inside. I can be reached at bronson021@gmail.com. Thanks

  23. did any know Joe Hurley he framed south of Jud. my dad Paul Bitz farmed about10 miles south. would like to know year he die

  24. The school holds lots of history and memories for me and my family. My Dad, Oral Elhard, my brother, Terry Elhard, and myself Gwen (Elhard) Schoonover went to the Jud School. Also, Oral’s grandfather (Herrmann Podoll) cut the rock for the rock foundation of the school building. Wonderful memories of Jud—I still consider it home. Would love to go back, but since Oral will turn 93 on 9/11 and his health is not the best….I don’t see that happening. Oral graduated in 1945; myself in 1971; and Terry in 1974.

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