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  1. This was my Great Aunt, Marian Aho’s House.
    She lived in it summers until 2001.
    Since there was no running water, she spent winters in her house in Surrey ND, until she sold it in 1998 and moved into an apartment in Minot ND.
    In 2005, she moved into the Mountrail County Bethel Home, in Stanley ND.
    She passed away in 2009.
    Although she did not have a will, she had said that I was to get her house in Belden, when she passed away.
    However, in the 8 years that it had set without anyone taking care of it, almost all of the windows had been broken out, a wind storm had taken the rolled asphalt roofing & the racoons had moved in.
    It would need a great deal of work to restore it.
    I wanted to get a Modular home and move down there, but my wife did not want to have to drive to Stanley, every day, for work.
    Last year, we received a letter from the county, stating that the county would put the place up for auction if the taxes were not paid within 6 months.
    We decided that we did not have a use for the property and it can go to someone that can use it.
    The most valuble part of the property is the metal storage shed that my dad & I built in the summer of 92.

    By The Way,

    Belden Is Not A Ghost Town Anymore.
    The Kannianen Family have built a house on what was the western edge of Belden.
    There is also a Cabin that Doug Kinnoin owns and rents out during the hunting season.
    Also, The old Post Office was restored & Turned into The BELDEN STOP Convenience Store.
    I don’t remember the exact year that was done.
    It was in between 2005-2008
    I have not been to Belden in the last year, & I heard that it did not open this year “2015”.
    Just to the west of Aunt Marian’s, across what used to be the town square, is her son Merle’s Trailer House, which he attached to his Grandmother, my Great Grandmother Ellina Korkia-Aho Lahti’s house.
    This place has set empty since Merle died in an automobile accident, in 1989.
    I do not see a photo of Merle’s place, in the Belden Photo’s


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