Caledonia’s Historic Bridge

This is the Caledonia Bridge in Caledonia, North Dakota, in Traill County, about twenty miles east of Mayville.  It is closed to all but foot traffic. It is one of the oldest bridges in North Dakota, second to the Viking Bridge in nearby Portland. Viking Bridge has been restored in recent years, and we believe that makes Caledonia Bridge the oldest unrestored bridge in North Dakota. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

caledonia bridge

This bridge was constructed by Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, in 1895. The company built nearly five thousand bridges in the United States and Canada before it was consolidated into the American Bridge Company by JP Morgan in 1900.

caledonia bridge

caledonia bridge

There’s a noticeable tweak in the bridge deck.

caledonia bridge

Caledonia Bridge spans the Goose River.

caledonia bridge

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, © 2015 Sonic Tremor Media

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5 thoughts on “Caledonia’s Historic Bridge

  1. I believe that the bridge shown above is the Caledonia Bridge, not the Viking Bridge. The Viking Bridge is in Viking Township, about a mile northwest of Portland. The NDDOT is in the process of rehabilitating the Viking Bridge, which was built in 1885.

    The Caledonia Bridge is historic in its own right, having been built in 1895.


  2. You are correct, Bob. Funny, we originally had it labeled the Caledonia Bridge, and someone emailed to tell us it was called the Viking Bridge. So we changed it without checking. After your comment, we checked it out, and you are correct. Thank you.


  3. I grew up in Caledonia and that bridge is so central to my childhood memories. My brother, sister and I still own a house near it, a house built in 1874. It is such a shame that the bridge has not been restored and preserved.


  4. i grew up in nd and several of my siblings were born in or conceived in caledonia,nd. i now live in n. calif. and miss nd very much!! might move back there soon? thanks for photos and do you have any photos of old ghost farms in nd. esp. traill and buxton,nd areas? i would love to drive the roads of these townships. fun for sure and interesting. thanks again. sincerely steve m. kilen oakland,ca.


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